Wednesday, November 30, 2005

No Drama Zone!

My husband and I have been fighting a cold bug for almost 3 weeks. We are sick of being sick! He has kept very upbeat and I have not, because neither of us get sick. I have no energy, can't go to the gym and my kids are stressing me out. I feel like their personal dump trucks and I think it's boundary time! Dave gets out of the house sick or not and I think that helps him concentrate on other things. Calgon take me away!!!!

Michelle, my oldest (22), has decided to move to Tahoe. I'm happy she will finally be moving out of her dad's home. Major dysfunction there and she wants out...Waahoo! She has been offered a job and a place to stay and is very excited. I'm supporting her independence because her dad is an enabler. She tends to get fired for her mouth and without dad to bail her out, maybe she will learn a little self-control. She calls me more now, that she has made a big step toward independence. I let her know how proud of her I was but of course I had to open my big fat mouth and give a "do your research, safety lecture". When will I learn to stop at I'm so proud?

Jessy's mother in law is throwing a small family co-ed baby shower and Jess has decided since she was not given much notice to make a guest listwith some of her friends, she will not attend. Oh my gosh...I was horrified! This lady has given them free room and board (big mistake there) that Jess has no appreciation for. She is ignored in her own house by Jess over her close relationship with her son. She is afraid to upset Jess for fear of being shut out of the new baby's life. This poor lady calls me upset, I apologized for my daughter's behavior and said my husband and I will attend the shower. We will be Jessy's only family there because the rest of her family are 2 hours away. How awkward will this be? No mom to be at the baby shower? I let my daughter know how I felt about her behavior and we shall see if she shows up...way too much drama! I'm glad I turned my kids rooms into guest rooms the minute they coming back here!

I'm embarrassed to tell my husband about my kids and he is dumbfounded over some of their behavior. He wants me to be well and he supports me the best he can. His daughter has never given him much grief so he gets angry when my kids are hurtful. We need to be well so we can get on with the holidays. I'm declaring my home a "NO DRAMA ZONE".


betty said...

Hi; thanks for visiting my journal again. I tried to visit you last time with the link that you left but had trouble with it so I'm glad this link worked. Looking forward to following your journal.

Seems like we never get rid of kid problems do we?


emmapeelDallas said...

...and I thought Katharine (my younger daughter) was difficult...I'm sorry Jess is not going to attend her own baby shower. I hope she changes her mind!

If it's any consolation (and I realize it may not be) I remember a Christmas when Alex, home from college, got in a fight with Katharine on Christmas night and took Katharine's car, without permission, and drove straight through to Kansas, to see her boyfriend (now her fiance). He won my heart by calling me to let me know she was OK and where she was every time she stopped to call him (this was before cellphones). That was 8 years ago, and both girls have grown up a lot since then, so I can tell you firsthand that things will get better eventually.

From everything you've written, I'm certain that you're a great mom, and I like your idea of declaring your home a "No Drama Zone". Hang in there.


ckays1967 said...

I really laughed at your No Drama Zone declaration....

that is how Charley & I live and I can't tell you how uncomfortible it makes some people. They just can't stand it.


Hope you get well soon.

Liz said...

Always in a rush and I don't know why. The last site I was on was about adult baby nursery which was okay to read. Your's was better.

Liza's Eyeview said...

I hope you are feeling better. Yep, NO DRAMA ZONE on your home. I support your declaration.


Liza's Eyeview said...

Opppsss. I just remembered I was browsing through a very old entry - yikes - sorry for the comment above which is now irrelevant :(

I was looking at your wedding story with Dave that's why I am on the old pages. I don't know why but the Sunday Scribbling prompt just led me to go to your first post.

Anyway ... aloha!