Friday, December 16, 2005


I'm getting in the spirit this year , but I'm finding you need so much more patience during Christmas.

1. Drivers who are watching for an open spot, but nothing else.

2. Crowds who have lost any manners they may have had.

3. Online shopping with no delivery dates and backorders that appear after you have crossed it off your list.

4. Bills that come in once a year, in December!

5. Buying a gift and realizing the size is different than what the hanger size says.

6. Your dog gets a booster postcard in December.

7. Cat has swiped the ornaments off the bottom of the tree.

Despite it all, I'm getting excited because I might get a grandbaby in my stocking! I told the future dad to call me first if the baby comes before Christmas so I can run to Walmart and buy up all the "baby's 1st" stuff! One great perk to being a crip, is the great parking :)


betty said...

How exciting for a Christmas baby!! Even this close to Christmas is great :)


V said...

That`s a wonderful Pic!


Chris said...

You will let us know when the baby comes and leave us a picture, too, right?? Pleeeze??!! ;)

Barb said...

Is this your first grandbaby? Do they have a name yet? Oh girl, grandbabies are GREAT!!We have 3 beautiful granddaughters-ages 9, 4 & 2. I LOVE buying clothes for them. Spoiling them is the best. This is such a wonderful time of year for the miracle of a tiny new life...hope for the future of this crazy planet. Let us know when the sweetie gets here! (I'm excited FOR you!) Barb

Chris said...

Love the did a great job!

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Barb said...

Ya know, I think all those things pertain to me (except cat swiping ornaments-we are a catfree house). To the dufus that waited for me to unload a trunkful of stuff the other day while traffic lined up behind him, only to find out I was in a handicapped parking slot (& he wasn't waiting for one of those)...shame on you. There was a slot just a few spaces down, but he either didn't see it or didn't want to walk the exra few feet.
Oh, by the way, Happy New Year, and what's the latest oh Grandbaby alert?

Anonymous said...

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