Monday, January 09, 2006

It's the Little Things

An ordinary day can become extraordinary by the little things in my life.

Watching my little dog Nikki sleeping in her little bed, on her back
with her four little paws sticking straight in the air.

Coffee on the weekends, in bed, watching the sun come up with Dave.

A Polish dog from the stand in front of Orchard Supply.

The smell and taste of TK's neck.

When I doze off and Dave gently pulls the covers up to my chin and caresses my
cheek with his finger, a gesture full of an overwhelming love.

Going to a really good movie.

The smell of camping.

A real big hug.

The squeaking sound my grandson makes.

The way my oldest daughter loves on me, by taking my face in her hand's and kissing
every spot on my face.

Dancing with Dave.


tara dawn said...

I do believe it is the little things that turn the ordinary to extraordinary. And our awareness of these little things brings an even greater joy! Glad your days are filled with extraordinary pleasures, my friend.

Gabreael said...

It is the small things that make life worth living.


Patti said...

LOVE this poem, Tammy! You are so good at writing- great job!

Darla said...

I could picture each thing you had written, Tammy! How beautiful and how true of the importance of the "little" things in life!

Darla ;o)

thebluestbutterfly said...

A lot of your little things are about love. That says something about both what is important in life & what you value in life. Love is a very wonderful thing. I hope that you always have a lot of love in your life.

emmapeelDallas said...

It IS the little things, and you've said it so well. Thanks for sharing this.



betty said...

it truly is the simple things of life that bring us the most joy :)
Too often people want more; but happiness and joy is right there in front of them if they would only look.

great entry!


V said...

Lucky you.

Bon & Mal Mott said...

Yes, we too treasure the smallest things, the ones we will miss the most when they're gone.
Bon & Mal