Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I'm Feeling Rejuvenated :)

Dave and I had a really nice four days. We did not want to go out of town to celebrate. We are more relaxed at home. We have had a lot of stress this last month, between our "adult" children ( I use that term loosely) and needing to finish up the kitchen, we needed a break.

When you are well into your forties, swinging from the chandeliers does not fill four days. We improvised by running errands, saw three DVD's, went to dinner/ movie and finished up the kitchen. Lynne and I decided to free up Dave's time by helping me to do things Dave does, like grocery shopping, filling medications and dying my hair. He loved this Valentine gift so much, she offered to keep on doing it every month :) Lynne is the greatest and Dave let her help, which is big for him. Dave can do it all, he is amazing and is always doing something. I know more will need to be done as I progress, but I want a husband not a care giver. We agreed to always hire help when needed. I have a housekeeper and gardener that have been with me for many years and it really helps. Now if I could just get him to not turn my pink underwear grey, we would really be rolling.

Last night we gave cards and chocolate delights to each other. Dave barbecued two extra thick Rib-Eyes, baked potatoes w/sour cream and asparagus. We felt rejuvenated and very happy! We were blessed by 70 degree temperatures for our weekend( don't be envious, we should get snow this weekend). The song on my blog is one of Dave's favorite artists and I'm dedicating it to him. I'm really lucky to be loved by this man!

Our new kitchen would be done, but the bossy contractor (me) had to come up with recess lighting and make over our kitchen table. We had an old round oak table in our new European coffee cafe' kitchen. We sprayed the base black, sanded the top, added fake grooves (to look like planks) and revarnished. Tada, French Country.

I entered my second Writer's Club entry at This is very scary to put such emotion in a poem, but very healing. I'm green, but my blog buddies give me so much support, I'm loving it!


emmapeelDallas said...

It sounds like you had a beautiful 4 days, Tammy! :)) I'd love to see pics of the kitchen (I love TJ's remodeling blog). Also, I wanted to say that I read your poem and it's beautiful, I really liked it.

I'm so glad that you and Dave had a wonderful Valentine's Day, my friend.



Bedazzzled1 said...

Your four days sound perfect to me. We do not have to go far to be happy, do we?

Your bossy contractor ::smile:: sounds like she had some great ideas. Do share photos!

Bon & Mal Mott said...

We're so happy that you enjoyed yourselves. It is important to just carve out some time for pleasure. And now we'll have to buy some ribeyes. Dang!
Bon & Mal

ckays1967 said...


now I am off to red your poem

TJ said...

Yup, pictures!!
Your get away sounds as if it was just what the girl needed.
Smiling, TJ

V said...

Dave is a lucky man!

betty said...

so glad you enjoyed your "mini" break. Please tell me that eventually the children do become adults???

I think you guys are wise to realize the difference between care giver and husband. I typed a report yesterday where the doctor listed "care giver fatigue". I can see where that would be a real possibility dealing with a chronic medical illness of someone you loved. Having the ability to bring in outside help to lighten the load at times is good.

You and Dave are both blessed to have each other


Chris said...

You had me at "extra thick rib eye".......drool drool

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Ayn said...

yup yup ... what they said!