Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Red Robin Photo Entry - Obstruction

You may think the obstruction is my gazebo frame, but it's really the roof line. The gazebo is an obstruction, but the roof you see changed the direction of my future. When I purchased this little home, there was no roof there and the bushes were kept low. I felt like the only house here, with a view to die for( I had a house on each side and in front).
A new house was built behind us with cathedral ceilings and obstructed the full canyon view. I was heart broken, felt boxed in and had to grow the bushes to cover (not quite there yet). We ended up finding and buying our retirement dream home, hoping the lesser view won't affect the selling price of this home! When given lemons, make lemonade :) Ok, I admit I still call that neighbor the a#$hole! I am working on that, I promise!

P.S. Retirement is 15 mos and counting!

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Dorn said...

Sadly I am also watching my horizon become more crowded as more and more rooftops pop up in the neighborhood. Its almost time for me to go in search of greener, wider pastures.

Adrift At Sea said...


Not nice to be thinking such mean things about your poor neighbor, even if he does have the audacity and poor taste to block your view.

Retirement sounds good...then you can compete full time. :D (Ok... part time, and spend the other part playing grandma.)


tara dawn said...

Whenever I make it out to visit, I will call him asshole too...I'll stand beside you girl. Though I still think the view is stunning...perhaps ignorance is bliss!
And by the way, you know ya'll can still sell that lovely retirement home and move to a spacious southern mansion...I'll even be your personal driver or maid (though I'm not the best housekeeper:) or whatever you need.
Love ya sweetie,

tess said...

Best wishes for your solution and with your countdown. You have the right attitude- a little anger and some sense.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I had to come back to look at this again, this time with my laptop on dial-up instead of my office computer on a T1 connection. My monitor at work darkens photos so much that I couldn't even see the roof that's annoying you so. Great photo - and still a great view.


Bedazzzled1 said...

Wow, that is STILL an incredible vista you are blessed to be able to look at.

Did I tell you I fell in love with the song you have streaming in here? I downloaded it and listen to it quite often.

::big hug::

Carly said...

It's such a pain when we have a neighbor who refuses to be courteous. Great photo. I hope it all works out for you.

Always, Carly

julie said...

It's sad that some people don't think about the surrounding environment when they have a home designed.

V said...

A beautiful leap with your entry!
Woo Hoo!

betty said...

liked the picture anyway; sorry some inconsiderate person took away your view. That seems to happen; if there is even a bit of land, someone will build.


TJ said...

OOPSIE! I forgot!!
I love your view. Wish i could come and sit with you and have chat and coffee friend.
Love TJ

Tabor said...

I also think your view is still pretty lovely. Don't worry about the small stuff. Your neighbor doesn't even know that he has affected your view is my guess.

tess said...

I have only one journal.
Thanks for the visit, comment and compassion. I tried to email you a link but the aol address does not go thru.
Here are links to posts on Katrina. I hope they work. Maybe copy and paste or view my archives in October of last year.

Steven said...

An uncluttered skyline is a rare thing indeed!

Gabreael said...

Your almost there! Yeah!

Hey! I finally added music!


emmapeelDallas said...

I love the view, and also I love the fact that you refer to your neighbor as an *hole...that makes me feel as if somehow, we're sisters who were separated at birth (even though I am the much older sis!).



Chris said...

You know what would really make that roof look better than covering it with bushes? Gasoline and matches. :x

ha ha ha

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Gail in MN said...

Just focus your eyes a bit higher. We all need to look up more.....