Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Dread of the First Day

Monday was my big day, I had to get up and squeeze into a swim suit. I was tired, bloated and way too comfy in my cave. In California spring came very late and I was getting way too used to being at home in my sweats and slippers. I have no pinching abilities, but I had to get into that suit by myself if it killed me. Dave took a sick day, but I would never let him witness my winter fat rolling into my "shaper suit." This suit is suppose to make your boobies perky, lift the butt and suck in the gut. The trick is getting those wobbly parts in the right areas of the suit. If I was truly brave, I would tape the event and send it in to "funniest Home Videos." I was exhausted by the time Dave arrived to help, but I was already in. My newly mowed legs were so white I had to hurriedly put my shades on...boy was I lily white! Yes, I whined and so wanted to stay home! Dave said I could stay home, but I knew he would be disappointed in me. He knows it's keeping me alive.

When I start I do an hour in a water workout class for people with medical stuff going on, three days a week. In two weeks I move to a regular water aerobics class for an hour, after my previous "easier" class. In another two weeks I work the machines inside on days I don't swim.
I go slow and drink a smoothie when I get home. The ALS people are still debating on if it hurts or helps ALS. I don't need no stinking medical trial to prove it, I already have.

When I arrived Monday I was greeted by all my "gym friends" with great enthusiasm. Happy to see me back for year 4. It's what will get me up out of bed in the first few weeks. Between them and Dave (my cheerleaders) I keep up the gym. In the picture above are a neat married couple, Doug and Chris. I'm going to take more pictures this year because when we move I will be leaving this gym. They will always remain my cheerleaders and I plan on visiting them when I come to town. I finished the "100 things about me" on top of my side bar. I've read a few and they were fun and enlightening. It was very hard and I tried to mix events up to keep you awake. TJ http://paisleyskys.blogspot.com/was once again my inspiration and Meg http://wingwoman.blogspot.com/also gave it a whirl.


Chris said...

How the heck can anything you do 'naturally' for you body, such as any form of exercise, be bad for you? I think you are amazing! In inspiration, to say the least. You go girl!

TJ said...

Oh yeah I have a visual here...
laughing..you are to funny, pale white, fragile but full of shit.
SEX? Wha?
I read those 100's and loved them.
love you

Orion said...

Way to go, Tammy! Takes courage to put on a swimsuit - I'm proud of you! Nothing wrong with lily white legs either :-)

emmapeelDallas said...

You always look beautiful in your pics, and this one is no exception. An hour in the water, exercising...I am impressed! Now I'm going to read your 100 things...



~ Lori said...

Hi Tammy - I've seen you here and there & thought I'd stop on by and say hello! I just love your journal. You're 100 things was so much fun!

Chris said...

I was wondering what that blinding flash was here on the East Coast...(ha!).

You did a fantastic job making a humbling personal experience into a humorous entry for the rest of us. Freshly mowed legs.....love it.

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Bedazzzled1 said...

Yep, you further confirm what I stated previously...you are an inspiration (and funny as all get out).

Keep up the swimming...it looks good on you.

::hug after hug::

V said...

Woo Hoo!
You look Great!!

Anonymous said...

Babe, No need to hide your wobbly parts,I see them all the time and I see my own daily.Glad your back to the pool and staying strong for me.Wish I could go swim with you more often.Love Dave