Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Round Robin Photo Challenge-"Free"

My husband Dave's version of "Free"
My entry for "Free"
Our support for our troops

There are so many things that were swirling around in my head for this topic. The one that was heaviest on my heart, is the men and women who have died for my freedom. My entry is from my little town in the foothills of California. The Veteran Memorial Hall was built in 1936 in memory of our World War I Veterans. It was built in the depression by men who desperately needed work to feed their families. I was born in 1961 and have always been fascinated by history and forever grateful to the brave men and women who have fought for our country. I wish more of the younger generation would realize how they got the freedoms they take for granted.

In our town we have a very old cemetery and Dave wanted to take a few shots. He felt it was a great expression of being free. I'm not a fan of cemeteries, but I am a big fan of his :)

This last shot moved me and I posted it to show my support of our troops. My heart breaks as I read of the precious losses we are seeing everyday on the news. Bless them all.

Check out the other entries :) This was a great topic chosen by Phinney.

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Carly said...

Hi Tammy :)

Darlin...this is a very poignant entry for the challenge. Your pictures are quite moving. Lovely interpretation dear. :)

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I've never associated cemeteries with freedom, but I guess there are a couple of ways to make that connection. Thanks to you and Dave! Free at last...


julie said...

What a neat take on the subject! I'm one of those strange folks who loves cemeteries. The Veternan Memorial Hall is such a classic piece of WPA architecture. Very nice!

Phinney said...

thanks for the 'freedom' entry. and as we've all heard and should NEVER forget, 'Freedom isn't free." another example here in your great pictures. thanks for playing! ~phinney

DEREK said...

wonderful images! I was a tad late posting mine. It was a great topic wasn't it.

tara dawn said...

Beautiful pictures, and beautiful feelings. How easy it is for us all to take our freedom for granted...thank you for this lovely reminder that freedom is a gift, and one that is only obtained through very high costs. Bless the dear men and women fighting now for our freedom, bless the souls of those who have fought for our freedom in the past, and bless you, my precious friend, for freeing your own heart and soul on these pages so that we may all live a little more and love a little deeper.
Love you,

Chris said...

Great thoughts and pictures, Tammy. We have the state military cemetary here in Knoxville and I will stroll the grounds alone at sunrise on some foggy weekends. It is very humbling.

Valorie said...

This is perfect! My youngest son is serving overseas, as is my nephew (Dorn's oldest son) ... somehow, I can picture BOTH these young men in a situation similar to your last entry! THANKS a million. I pray that if war must go on, may there soon be Freedom for ALL countries!

Bedazzzled1 said...

Beautiful, Tammy. I love how your mind works and how you tap so easily into your feelings and share them with us.


TJ said... pulled my heartstrings here.

tess said...

Very moving reminder of how freedom can cost and the value we place on being free!