Thursday, June 15, 2006

Poetry Thursday- YOU

This was a gift of words framed with a hand drawn angel, given to me by my daughter Michelle, as she was struggling to find her place in the world. They are lyrics to a song that expressed what was in her heart, but poetry to this mother's ears :)


There's always something
In the way
There's always something
Getting through
But it's not me
It's you

Sometimes ignorance
Rings true
But hope is not in
What I know
Not in me
But in you

It's all I know

I find peace when
I'm confused
I find hope when
I'm let down
Not in me
But in you

I hope I love myself
For good
I hope to find it in the end
Not in me
In you
It's all I know

In you


paris parfait said...
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paris parfait said...

I had to read your post twice - at first I thought it was a poem written by your daughter; then I saw it was song lyrics, in the form of a poem to you - what a lovely tribute to a great mom! And a beautiful happy photo!

pepektheassassin said...

I can hear it in my head! I'd love to hear it set to music. This is lovely!

Left-handed Trees... said...

"I hope I love myself for good..." this struck me--because this is what young women (and older ones!) are often struggling to do. It really resonated and I hope you let her know how lovely it is!

betty said...

its a beautiful poem she picked for you. I love the picture with her and you at the ocean's edge.


liz elayne said...

a beautiful gift to you...

Bon & Mal Mott said...

A wonderful choice - i'm sure the music is as beautiful as the lyrics.

Colorsonmymind said...

This must have made your heart swell to overwhelming proportions.....

mikim said...

A beautiful gift and lovely photo.

Jennifer said...

the sea seems to be a recurrent theme today. I adore this photo and the loving words.

abhay k said...

Hi Tammy,
A great poem out deserve it Tammy...beautiful!

Tabor said...

Gee, guess your daughter is as insightful and artful as you. How nice!

Me said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful. Talent runs in the family I see.

bb said...

what a lovely tribute to you!

Madeleine said...

The relationship between you and your daughter must be a very special one. You must be a wonderful mother to a wonderful daughter. :)

thebluestbutterfly said...

Question: The link on the left says to join the tribute but I can not read what page it links to.

Neasa said...

Love both the lyrics & the pic - so much joy on both your faces. And oh my, is that a black lab in the background?