Thursday, September 07, 2006

Poetry Thursday- "Blue"

I have a beautiful home in the mountains that we need to work on until Dave retires next summer. Every wall and ceiling in this house is baby blue...yuck! Even some of the carpets! I love color but not baby blue in my mountain home.

I wrote this very quickly to get it in before a relaxing camping trip. A poem on blue was fun because it's a color I like but not on my walls:) I decided to put a spin on it as if the house was a person.

Taking the Blues Away

My dreams of you are full of color but
when I visit you only give me blues.
Why are you so blue? Was their nothing
else that could cover your shame?

I fell in love with you slowly over time
trying to ignore your blues at every turn.
I vowed to cover you in a rainbow of
color with a simple brush of my hand.

I can see you in my imagination feeling
like you now belong. Glowing as the
sun shines her light on you, changing
you from night to day with softness.

Alas, I still see blues at every turn but
hope is in the air. I'm seeing glimpses
of color beginning to appear, your blues
will soon be a distant memory.


bb said...

i would never have known this was about a house if i hadn't have read the pre-amble. gives it quite a different spin :-)

Good luck with the decorating (sounds like you'll need it :-P) and happy camping!

Turquoise CRO said...

AhhhHHHH, back to nature and the fresh air of outdoors! I think that's what I need, the outside air! Sweet poem and have lots of FUN and Smiles on your camping trip! Eat a Smores for me sweetie! XO

Jen Rouse said...

Great poem!
Your link at poetry thursday didn't work though--I had to click on your profile and then find your blog.

Kamsin said...

I like what you did with this poem. Enjoy your camping trip!

jim said...

Thanks for introducing Helen to the Poetry Thursday crowd, #1.

And #2, I really like the address of the you--it does work all the way through in your poem.

Oh, but in our place, almost nothing but blue walls!

paris parfait said...

Such a clever poem, Tammy! Well done! By the way, love your comment about Minnie Mouse dressed as a rapper with all her bling! It made me laugh a lot. Hope you have a wonderful relaxing weekend.

acumamakiki said...

I love this Tammy! Enjoy your camping trip ~ the woods always restore me.

brian said...

Goog luck with the new home, blue is such an interesting color.

Amber said...

Love the poem today. Have fun, my dear!


Colorsonmymind said...

Oh I have been fantasizong about painting my walls-yet they are not baby blue.

Love the poem:)

Helen said...

I love the color blue too but in the house walls that is not the place. In the 70's I had blue carpet installed in our home. Yikes! I really like this poem very creative. Your blues will soon be a distant memory! :-)

Living Part Deux said...

Great approach to the subject. Yes. Blue is magical in all the outside places it lives, but not so much on the walls. I'm hoping this weekend is chock full of blue beauty outside for you.

Deb R said...

Very cool poem! I think the idea of talking to the house as if it's a person totally works.

LOVE the photo!

Hope you have a great time camping this weekend!

Oh yeah, I love the photo of you with the glads in the post below too.

Chris said...

Neat poem! That much of ANY color would get on my nerves:) Have fun with the bears and the bugs!

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WingWoman said...


Oh, it's been way too long since I've been here - but I am thrilled to see that your poetry continues on and is as brilliant and provocative as ever.