Saturday, September 02, 2006

Q & A for Labor Day

I wanted to take a minute of a relaxing weekend to answer questions I have been asked in recent emails.

1. Why do you blog? This question has come from many friends and family who do not blog. It's very odd that many friends and family read my blog but never comment or mention what I have written. I know it's not the content but more of a non -understanding of this wonderful world of blogs. I blog to express my feelings, creativity and struggles. I hope my grandchildren will learn someday who I really am since I'm moving away, by having my blog. I feel more productive being able to reach out, support, laugh, love, hug, create, inspire and cry with these amazing people. I receive love, support, encouragement and validation in return. It gives me another great motivation to continue my fight.

2. How is the ALS Advocacy Community going? I have made two life long friends that share this horrid illness. We can share the funny stuff, like how our husbands dress us and how we eat. Most importantly we hold each other up and share our discoveries. I even learned about a next step I can take, when ready, to keep me walking longer (a pump in my side putting a drug directly in my spine). I was also able to share drugs that can offer a better quality of life and my 16yrs to add to their hope :)

3. How can Dave retire at 50? When I was working I refused "disability Ins." because it was too much money. Clerical error (God) gave it to me anyway and I never noticed. I get 65% of my GOOD salary until the age of sixty five. Dave sold his house and paid off mine and we bought our dream retirement home. We can sell mine and pay down the new one when he turns 50, living on my disability and his retirement with medical. ALS and wanting to be together for as long as possible motivated the plan. Less income but more time :)

I have a very creative friend named Sheryl who has had me help her create her 1st blog...WooHoo! A convert :) I hope she loves it as much as I do! Check her out at She is 40ish and has four kids, she is joining many of the clubs I belong to so you will see her as "Tea Time."


Helen said...

Thanks for the information. I love what you say about why you blog it means the same to me. I looked at your new friends Blog and it is just lovely Good Job! You are a special person!

paris parfait said...

You inspire so many people, dear heart! And before I visited your blog this morning, I came across your friend's via Sunday Scribblings. Lovely! Hope you and Dave have a great long weekend.

Kamsin said...

I too had already found 'tea time' through SS. Great that you are inspiring others to join the blogosphere, along with the many other ways you inspire people.

Jessie said...

It's nice getting to know about you a little bit more in this way. Lots of love to you, Tammy. Hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend after so much activity!

I'm going to go check out Sheryl's blog now. :)

rachel said...

I blog for the same reasons as you, to be able to be creative and absorb other's words and pictures. I am amazed that you are such a support to everyone around you.
A poppet!

Ceebie said...

Hi Tammy:

I'm glad that you blog...Your courage is inspiring :)

Thanks for visiting my blog again, despite my being so sporadic in my posts!

Amber said...

I guess we bloggers are a sort of counter culture, of sorts. LOL
I blog so that I write. And I have been reminded that connections and expression is important. Being home with the kids, blogging has been such a gift of connection with other womem.

I am happy you blog, and that it sounds like you have a good plan! use all the time you can just to love an dbe loved. Good plan!


Belle said...


I just caught up on your last couple posts. They are, as usual, lovely.

Your husband is THE BEST.

Keep up the good work you do with your blogging. You have alot of friends who sincerely love you.

betty said...

so glad Dave can retire when he is 50 and you guys can enjoy some time together; you two are the best :)

pepektheassassin said...

All the pictures are just beautiful, tammy. Thank you for sharing them with us, your cyber-family. I met your friend Sheryl this evening. What a great job you did teaching her!

Helen said...

Thank you for sharing this with us. It helps us know you better.