Thursday, October 12, 2006

Poetry Thursday

I live in an area called "The Motherlode" which is rich in California history. The motherlode is a country life full of rivers, lakes and streams. Gold miners struck it rich here.

I read about a book of poetry in the motherlode newsletter that was a compilation of poetry and prose of the motherlode and sierra. I had to have it and finally found a copy yesterday. This one jumped out at me right away.

"I am one of you," the poet called back,
though he was dressed like the wind,
though he looked like
a waterfall."
Mary Oliver


Nobody could figure out what I was
for Halloween.
I wanted to say Poet, though I didn't;
I was a waterfall.

I'm Lying.
I was a tsunami.
Later, I read a poem
saying orgasms were tidal waves-women's.

I just wanted to be a natural disaster.
When I told Daryl about the costume
as we canoed the boundary waters'
rainy lakes, he said:

You weren't a natural disaster; you were a natural process.
He's an ecologist.
His comment flushed me with ire.
Who wants to be a process for Halloween?

My companions dressed as a wildfire and a tornado;
we were a triumvirate;
forces of heat and wind and water
--we were disasters.

As for Daryl: Kissing him was a natural process.
How else could we have canoed together, how else could our storm-
battered bodies have brushed against each other at night;
no forces to hold back the tides?

By Andrea Ross from the book Manzanita.

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acumamakiki said...

I love Mary Olivers words. I also love Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Lovely descriptive words from a wonderful poet.

twitches said...

Wow -that's really cool.

Turquoise CRO said...

I've got to get a Mary Oliver book and soon!!!!! LOVE your new pic by the way!!! SWEET! xo

Jessie said...

andrea ross and mary oliver do a nice duet together. ;)

Anonymous said...

You've found some gems here, Tammy. I struggled again this week; all the news seems so depressing. Thanks for finding the philosophical in all of it :-)

Love the new pic!

Amber said...

This is the second blog with mary Oliver's words today. Very nice.

Hey, I like your new picture with comments! You are so pretty.


ecm said...

Great poem...thanks for posting it!

emmapeelDallas said...

This poem gave me chills. I am so happy to come here & read what you've written, always.


Deb R said...

Cool poem!

And I like your new profile pic.

madd said...

great post, I love how she expresses her we were and funny..thanks for sharing her with us..m

tinker said...

This was perfect for this prompt at this time of year and especially this part of the country!

Catherine said...

I'm trying to imagine a tsumani costume, or a wildfire or a tornado!

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

what amazing imagery!!
I know the area you speak of, been there many you look out your window to Sierra scenery??

Anonymous said...

I love this so much. What a beautiful blog you have - the music, the piccies, the design and the words - and you ... all so beautiful.