Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Create a Connection- Visitor to Your Hometown

Here's the scenario this week. Imagine you've made a connection with another blogger who lives in a completely different part of the world than you do. This blogger is about to take a trip and the connection you've made is so strong that she is going to make your house one stop on her trip. (Yay!) Unfortunately she can only stay at your place for 24 hours (boo!), but she'd like to see some nearby sights while visiting with you.
Keeping in mind that time is quite limited, so you have to stick pretty close to home (although not necessarily right IN your town - just anyplace you could go as a day trip), try looking around you with the eyes of someone who has never seen your area and tell us some things you'd share with...

1. Your visitor wants to see something historical. Where would you take her and why?

The old town of Columbia, CA because it looks like it did in 1850's and they have amazing homemade chocolate and candies. It also has a very quaint tea house just 30min away for a fresh muffin and cuppa tea.

2. She wants to see something hysterical...well, mildly amusing anyway. She'd even go for cute, quirky, odd, or unique. Where would you take her and why?

For cute I would let her meet my 1yr old grandson, TK. Quirky, odd and unique I would briefly introduce my girls. My home fits everything but hysterical.

3. She wants to take some beautiful and/or interesting photos to fill her albums when she gets home. Where would you take her?

We would take a short drive to Yosemite! Picnic and cameras ready.

4. She'd like to buy a souvenir that will remind her of your area every time she sees it. What would you suggest and where would you go to get it?

There are gift shops everywhere in Columbia and Yosemite.

5. Wow, it's been a long day and you're both ready for a snack, or maybe even a meal. Where would you take her to really get the flavor of your area?

We would feast on a gourmet meal at the Columbia Inn. (seen in second picture) I really think to top it all off for dessert we would go back to my house to make smores in our fire pit out back looking at the view (seen at very top) laughing and talking. I did not add the 2 1/2 hr travel time to and from the Sacramento airport ;)

The host was Deb at Red Shoes Rambling and to see others go to create a connection


kj said...

tammy, you've made me want to show up at your back door! i am really glad to see where you live. great post.

ps a+ for my recent poem? awww, thank you so much!


Anonymous said...

Pencil me in for the 1850s cuppa, Yosemite and s'mores at your house--all with TK!

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful to me. Isn't Yosemite where Yogi is from or am I confused. Mmmmmmmmmm, a 1yo - don't know if I would find that hysterical or just tiring.

Sounds fantastic though.

Anonymous said...

Wish it was me! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wish I could come spend a day (actually more than one please) with you and experience all these places...mostly just your company is what I'd like:)
Thinking of you and sending big warm hugs across too many miles.
I love you,

Anonymous said...

It was so nice that you "stopped by" yesterday. Thank. Thanks for that post. I learned something about your area and about what you love. Happy New Year!

Deb R said...

That whole day sounds right up my alley, Tammy, from beginning to end! And those photos are absolutely gorgeous! :-)

Anonymous said...

Makes me long for a visit! Lovely piece.

Anonymous said...

You have fulfilled this challenge and then some! I love your originality. I'll let you know when I get in your neighborhood...keep the graham crackers on hand.

bella said...

A perfect place to visit!
I love this song you have playing.

melba said...

Beautiful! I want to go to see all that beauty!

Anonymous said...

i am so coming knocking on your door the next time i travel to your neck of the woods ;-)

i have actually been to some of those places and can i say that you live in beauty and the air is so lovely ...

Anonymous said...

Take me to Yosemite, puulleeeze!

Anonymous said...

knock! knock! Guess who Girly!! LOL xo

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much for your comment! I hadn't actually signed on yesterday due to work, but my Sis In Law rang me and told me about your comment on the blog. She read out most of your page to me and we were in fits of laughter about the velcro suits!!

At last, someone as strong as me because of their illness......and with a lovely wicked, wacky sense of humour :) Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!

You go girl!

Lots of love and hugs



Anonymous said...

I forgot!!

How do I get one of those angel ladies that spells your name!! I'd love a pink/purple one that spells Whisky?

Any hints?

Lots of love and hugs



Anonymous said...

Wait a sec... if we're "laughing and talking" as we make smores in your fire pit... doesn't that count as the "hysterical" part?!!!

That actually sounds like so much fun. It's nice to travel and see sights... but it's best to have someone to see the sights with, and their home to go back to at the end of the day, and feel like you're welcome there. :o) That's what makes trips truly unforgetable!!!!

Anonymous said...

Our best friends just arrived back from a trip to USA and of course they brought back beautiful pics of the Yosemite region... wish I could have snuck into their luggage!!

Chris said...

Did I mention that we are swinging by there next weekend? lol

Have a great weekend!
My Blog

Anonymous said...

I lived in Jamestown after high school and went for a short time to Columbia Junior College. Our art class used to go in to Columbia town to draw. I have one of those daguerreotype photos of G and I taken there years after that. It's a great area I haven't been to in a long time. Thanks for the reminder and the lovely day with you. :)