Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sunday Scribbling - "Puzzled"

I'm very puzzled and quite frankly shocked over a few news reports I've heard lately. They are issues that are killing our children and putting our whole country at risk. They are issues that are close to my heart because they are hurting my own children and their future. Obesity, Education and Government are giant snowballs rolling across our country, as we step out of its way, watching it just roll by.

I have a daughter who is overweight to the point of it being a danger to her health. It started when she turned eighteen but as most overweight people know it's more about emotional issues than about the food. Her self-esteem is so low that I would say she was depressed and rarely leaves the house. It's a very sensitive subject, I can't bring up unless asked, which is very rare. It breaks my heart that she is in pain and she is not alone.

Latest Obesity Statistics
USA Obesity Rates Reach Epidemic Proportions
58 Million Overweight; 40 Million Obese; 3 Million morbidly Obese
Eight out of 10 over 25's Overweight
78% of Americans not meeting basic activity level recommendations
25% completely Sedentary
76% increase in Type II diabetes in adults 30-40 yrs old since 1990

I heard we are 17th out of 22 nations on our educational report card. How in the hell does the most powerful nation in the world rank so low? Yes we have power but will we keep it if we continue to ignore our educational status. I read a statistic that 38% of our kids hate school, teachers are still under paid while getting little help from parents. Many parents are raising kids with a since of entitlement (whole different rant) and not teaching them to earn what they want. Colleges are raising tuitions for the kids that desire an education, while government cuts scholarship funding. I should not be puzzled that we are 17th, but I am.

The US government is very important in securing the stability of our country in the world. The majority of our young people are not even voting and think most politicians are corrupt. I'm puzzled as to why no one can run without getting sucked into the political games. They can tell you about Brittney Spears but not about who's running for president. Can't some one step up to the plate and inspire our young people to care? Be a real hero for our country. If many of you don't like Bush, can you imagine who will run this country when these kids grow up and don't vote. Can we afford to elect another "politician"?

The media is raising a generation of kids who seem to have lost hope and the country seems to have lost its moral compass. I'm puzzled, where are the good guys to help us find our way.

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Jimmy said...

The last paragraph of your entry says it all. We are becoming a nation where the outrageous, the negative, the immoral are becoming the majority. This majority sees bashing and criticizing as the way to go, rather than offering alternative logical solutions, but then look to someone else to blame for the problems.

No wonder hope is fading. What is out there to offer a contrast?

But I close by saying "fading", not "dead".

Becca said...

Not only puzzling, but alarming. You've raised some very good questions, among many that this nation needs to address if we want to remain a "super power" in ways other than military arrogance.

Great post!

paris parfait said...

Wise - and yes alarming - words. I also touched on the issues about education cuts and American's waning place in the world. It's disheartening that people pay attention to pop star's antics, but not government that affects us all. Yes, America seems to have lost not only its moral compass, but its compass. I'm puzzled too about how this happened to what used to be the greatest country in the world, that inspired people all over the world. Now we are despised, not admired. I can't understand how people don't seem to be paying any attention to what's happening, while things fall apart all around us. Sigh. Thanks for this provocative post. xo

megan said... are the good guys.

Remiman said...

You have pointed out serious concerns, concerns shared by many, perhaps the majority. Why then can't the situation be turned around? It will take a determined , sustained effort by tireless people willing to put up with failures and push on in spite of the pitfalls. Our society has become hedonisticly focused.
Maybe next week's prompt can be solutions. Brainstorming has started many worthwhile efforts many times along the way. Worth a try?
Hard work and sacrifice will be the easy part.

Regina Clare Jane said...

Tammy- I am so sorry about your daughter- I know there is hope for her, there just has to be.
We have to hope that the universe in all its wisdom will remedy all the ills of this word- it must.

Left-handed Trees... said...

This topic of youth, government, and yes--health is an incredibly important one. I teach young 18-20 year old people and we discussed the elections in the fall and what they meant--really, what they meant. And yet, only a couple of them bothered to go vote. It puzzles me too...and I wish things could change.

Nicole said...

tammy - thank you for your kind words on my blog.

i am sorry about your daughter. and
i too am puzzled by the staggering statistics that plague our young.

Jolene said...

I love your post Tammy, it is a bitter cycle that the young are going through. I am a pround Gen-X voter. I am really hoping for a way to turn it all around.


bella said...

Tammy, I hear you. The statistics are not very bright - but there is always hope.

Frances said...

Yes where are those good guys?
We need a few to ride in andsave the day.
I'm overweight myself, but I'm out there every day.
I hope your daughter's spirits lift and she does the same.
Buying a new outfit, getting her hair and nails done, grabbing a friend and going to a movie, gallery, anywhere will do her a world of good.
Tell her Frances said so!
Thanks for visiting my scribble

emmapeelDallas said...

I believe Obama is one of the good guys, and he has my vote for sure...


GeL (Emerald Eyes) said...

Your entire post is thoughtful and important. My heart breaks for you about your daughter. The last paragraph summarizes well. I, too, have daughters and am grappling with different issues than your daughter, but just as serious. Your insight into the media's effect on kids in regard losing hope concerns me greatly because I agree. I see it in both of my daughters, despite trying to raise them with optimism. Parents can try, but to overcome the constant impact of all types of media, is daunting and these effects also scare and frustrate me.

Rach said...

It is not until you read all the facts together that it paints a pretty grim picture. It scares the hell out of me too! Good research honey.

Jone said...

This is a powerful post. I see those kids everyday at school, ones who would rather sit than be active. And the whole entitlement piece is scary. Good food for thought.

Brian said...

Tammy, I think your post is very timely. The sense of entitlement has been building for several generations and I don't think that there is much that can be done. I may be cynical, but I believe that we as individuals are the good guys. We shouldn't be looking for anyone to save us.

Pam said...

A truthful, timely post on subjects that are of great concern in our country. One of the problems is that that bad guys seem to have most of the power these days.
As for our children, it seems that many parents are persona non gratta (sp), the entitlement you mention is learned behavior.
We live in a world of too much, too soon, too fast with diminishing moral ideals. Oh, don't get me going!

Terri /Tinker said...

Yes, you're right - unfortunately there are many puzzling and troubling issues facing our young people - the future of our country. I hope we can find some way of resolving these problems facing all of us here in America and in our world. Thanks for speaking up, Tammy, in this powerful post - you truly are a Warrior Woman of Spirit! XOXO

Amber said...

You are so right in all these puzzles, Tam. I feel the same.
I think as a Nation we have gotten too freaking soft and stupid. We don't really want to talk about the issues-- we want entertainment. We can't say anything without being acused of being hateful or racist (like that our schools here in California can't keep up with the influx of mexican-alien children. And yes, I said it, and no I am not racist. It's just a fact we have to deal with.) People can't look at an issue without playing partisan politics. Generations of people have forgotten how to stand on their feet and suck it up. And at the same time, people have lost touch with their deeper, spiritual nature in favor of "stuff", and celebrity crap. We are like zombie sheep...Big, fat ones. Bahhhh.

Don't mind me. I'm still on drugs.

Loralee Choate said...

This post touched my heart. I know how painful it is. I used to weigh 280 lbs. It has been 12 years and I only just stopped thinking how disgusting people sitting in their cars thought I was when I cross the street.

Big hugs for you both.