Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sunday Scribbling - "Inspiration" Haiku Series

I have decided to write haiku for my favorite inspirations

Snow capped peaks
misty reflection
lake lies still

Kisses slathered
open mouth
baby's love

Pink to lavender
horizon turns to fire
sun lowers it's head

Sun rises slowly
whispering new beginnings
singing spirits rise

By the grace of God
blessings come on wings of faith
I breath his spirit

Loving glances
eternal souls

A warriors spirit
draws on her mighty sword
raised in victory

awakens hidden meanings
sowing seeds of growth
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chiefbiscuit said...

Inspiring indeed. I trust you will glean much strength from these words; these beautiful words.

Star said...

I don't think to use haiku enough. These are really wonderful and the perfect way to express so many sources of inspiration. My favorite is the warrior spirit--it's you!

emmapeelDallas said...

I hope you're feeling better. You are definitely the warrior spirit, Tammy.

Liza's Eyeview said...

Oh I love your haikus! What a blessing to have these (your) inspirations :)

GoGo said...

Ha. Love it. I appreciate those who write Haiku...and even more who choose to write more then one stanza!


paris parfait said...

Tammy, all these haiku are beautiful and very inspiring! Hope you're feeling better. xo

GreenishLady said...

Oh yes! Inspiration, and especially, dear Tammy, that warriors spirit haiku. This is the inspiration you offer me. Every blessing to you!

Pam said...

Such beautiful words, my dear friend, so you. You inspire.

Regina Clare Jane said...

You are such an inspiration to me, Tammy. Your courage and humor in the midst of everything really inspires me to be the best I can at every moment...
These haiku are beautiful and yes, my favorite is your warrior spirit!

khambagirl said...

Oh Tammy, these haiku are really beautiful! I love the way God's spirit has been breathed into you, and the way you share it with others -- such a warrior spirit. The way you live your life is such an inspiration!!!

Nicole said...

these are lovely tammy. and you, my dear are an inspiration.


Patty said...

You're a haiku master. Wonderful inspirations.

Nancy said...

You are one of the few people that can bring tears to my eyes with your words.

I feel destined to meet you one day. I need to hug you in person.


Remiman said...

You never disappoint me. You absorb the best the world has to offer and then go about sharing it with everyone you touch. I'm exhilerated and encouraged by your life and your words.

bella said...

Tammy, these haiku were truly inspirational!
Thank you so much for the b-day wishes for Angie.

turquoise cro said...

Beauty Full Tammy! Thank YOU for sharing!(((((Tammy)))))) xoCinda

Jo's uncle Will said...

I found you and your website to be very inspirational, I had very little knowledge of ALS and so I did a quick search and study on this after viewing your blog and I found that you are truly a strong and courageous woman who no doubt inspires many others (myself included)to live life to the fullest no matter what gets thrown at you - good luck to you and godspeed - Will
p.s. beautiful blog

Bongga Mom said...

I love the photo, I feel like the man/woman there is a true warrior.

giggles said...

Tammy a plethora of wonderment in this series! Just great, so powerful!
Yes my audio stopped playing too! There must be a block, or glitch somewhere. I went to another site to get the one I have now! Just click on the bottom of my blog to find the site! Restricted songs on that one too! Thanks for stopping by! Have a good day!

Hugs Sherrie

The Dream said...

love it, love it, LOVE IT!

Frances said...

Your post, your profile, your attitude - all of it - is an inspiration.
I'm also 45. I'm really looking forward to visting you for many more Sundays to come.
Thanks for visiting me.

Becca said...

~~~strong woman daring
to take life by storm
inspires me daily~~~

What an "inspired" take on this rock!

Waspgoddess said...

beautiful take on the prompt. Inspiration is really everywhere, isn't it? I felt quite overwhelmed by it.

I love Annachie Gordon by the way.

Rach said...

and you are a mighty warrior indeed. Gorgeous Haiku

Brian said...

Thank you Tammy for your beautiful haiku. Stirring and comforting.

Jone said...

This is lovele, Tammy. I especially like the last two haikus. You inspire me.

Kim G. said...

Beautiful pictures with your words. I could see that sunset! ;)

whitney said...

Beautiful haiku that create such inspiring images in my mind!

TI said...

Thank you for reminding me of the inspiring simplicity of haiku. And thank you for stopping by. I was thinking about my twin and there she was! TI

daisies said...

i love your inspirations and haiku is such an inspiration in and of itself ... this was really beautiful to read and made my heart smile :)

gautami tripathy said...

Tammy, I love those haikus. Very inspiring ones.

Jolene said...

I love all the inspirations!