Friday, June 29, 2007

Fair Finds and a Meme


memories in a box
balanced on a tiny stool
straddling a knee
tangled legs showing
couple hidden
coin slotted rush
spontaneous poses
flashes of fun
*My scanner is at the new house so this is not such a good picture.

We purchased a sign with our last name on it and this cute welcome post for the new mountain house. That is a solar light on top. :)

This is a bear close up covered in honey and bees. One bee is on a spring.

Hand made nesting dolls from Russia. Dave does not watch any sports except the Packers...thank you God!
Nancy at reminded me that I did not do the "ask me 3 questions meme" properly. I asked questions of her and Jimmy but did not let anyone ask me three questions. I know I did the "interview me" meme but I've been tagged a few times and I've lost track. So ask away Nancy or anyone else not on a blog break. I should be on a blog break packing to move but instead we are cleaning for an open house.


daisies said...

i love love love photobooth : ) both the adorable photo and the poetic scan ...

hope your cleaning and open house goes marvelous!! xox

Regina Clare Jane said...

I do so love your goodies! But my favorite thing is the photobooth photos. We have some of those as well!

pepektheassassin said...

Good booty! And, laughter is better for you than cleaning, I always say....

chiefbiscuit said...

I have everything that can be, crossed (including my praying hands! ;)) so that the selling of your house and the settling into your new home goes well, quickly and smoothly.
I just know it is all going to work out for you.
Looking forward to the good news!

emmapeelDallas said...

I love the photobooth shots too! Those were my favorite as a kid, before anyone had Polaroids. I was fascinated by the instant aspect of the pics. Also, I love the welcome post and nesting Russian dolls. I've seen many versions of those, but never the Packers! So Dave's a cheese head, huh?



Tabor said...

It seems as if everyone is moving these days. At least two of my bloggers are moving this month and I will be moving in September. Bloggers are certainly not people who let grass or typos grow under their feet!

Pam said...

I LOVE the pohto booth pics!!! and the poem, you are so perfectly expressive.

And I love you.

Jana B said...

Hahahaha I absolutely LOVE the pics of you and Dave... so darn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahaha I had no idea they made those little Russian dolls with sports themes!

paris parfait said...

Great finds - love the bears! xo

Jolene said...

I love all the stuff, especially the packer nesting dolls!!

The pictures of you guys are so idyllic.