Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Fun!

This is Dave's only child Jolene and her family. They have wonderful news! Baby number three is going to arrive in January. I'm praying for a girl but healthy is always added :) Jolene will graduate from Washington State this fall as her husband continues working on his masters and a great job. Congratulations on all your accomplishments kids. Jolene loves all things vintage, cooking, bargains, gardening and knitting. You can check out her passion for being a "Vintage Housewife" at You might have already met her at Sunday Scribbling.

My Horoscope for this week:

LIBRA (September 23- October 22) Find yours here
In their translation of a poem by Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai, Chana Bloch and Stephen Mitchell write, "I'm the chimp of chance, the champ of chance, I'm a chum of chance and a chump of chance." Judging from your astrological omens, Libra, I suspect it'll soon make sense for you to speak those words yourself. Dumb luck and blind fate will be swirling around you, whipping up both unexpected pleasures and knotty challenges. What can you do to be more of a champ and a chum of chance, and not so much of a chimp and a chump of chance? Welcome everything that happens, with no exceptions. Love the easy and the difficult, the playful and the contrived, the lucid and the confusing.
(That's not very easy)

TK was wanting on my lap as I was at the computer. His arms were reaching for me, melting my heart because I can't pick him up. I carefully locked my hands together, tucked them under his diaper padded butt and pulled up while he climbed...woohoo! This is his bewildered look at his mom while she cheered us on and me doing what I always do when this close...kiss that face. He slid back down, almost falling backwards and my daughter captured my panicked gramy face. lol


Star said...

Such exciting news! Yay! Dave couldn't ask for a sweeter daughter; her blog looks lovely and the pics of her family (love the poppysicle) are adorable.

I've seen a lot of these horoscope things in the last few days. The first one I saw was for mine, so I already know what it says (I choose to make my own reality, thank you).

It won't be long and TK will be crawling onto your lap all by himself...and probably on everything else too ;-)

Have a great weekend, Tammy!


kj said...

hi tammy, i've just spent some time catching up on several of your prior posts. i loved seeing your new house and all the beautiful flowers, and of course tk. you know i have my own grandson now and feeling your love for tk excites and inspires me.

i wish you and dave so much happiness in your home! you are so cool!


Jessie said...

if that last photo doesn't capture the look of absolute love, then i don't know what does! haha! oh, are too cute! and so is tk. ever since the first photo you posted, i've thought that he looks like an older man trapped in a little baby's body. i would be kissing those little baby cheeks of his too!

as for the other addition to the family--wow! good for them...raising a family AND getting an education. i am IMPRESSED!!

and thank you for all of your thoughtful comments lately, tammy. they mean a lot to me.

much love!

Tinker said...

What a precious picture of you and TK - my goodness he's grown!

Loved that photo of you and him - and the poem, in the next post, too. I don't dare try to leave more than one comment, as that hasn't been working too well, but just had to tell you how much I enjoyed catching up on your blog this week. You're quite the handywoman, too. Missed you - and am so glad to catch back up with you. XOXO

bella said...

Congrats to your daughter in law! That's awesome news. I'll have to check out her bloggie.
I love seeing pictures of you and TK. He's adorable.

Regina Clare Jane said...

Wow, Tammy- so many new things happening for you right now! A new grandbaby on the way, a new home! It all sounds wonderful!
The pictures are precious and so are you!

Jolene said...

The grammy face is priceless. I'm so glad you found a way to get TK up onto your lap. Thanks for introducing me to your friends!

Jana B said...

TK is SO SO SO SO adorable!!!!

I love how you figured out how to get him onto your lap... one way or another, right? lol

daisies said...

: ) what a beautiful family you all have!!

tee hee that photo of you is priceless ~ i love your grammy face :) lol

hugs and kisses

turquoise cro said...

LOL!!! Yes, that Grammy face is very sweet!!! Congrats!!! to your daughter-in-law and family!!! xoCinda