Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Update

Dave had a quiet 50th birthday with a traditional banana split and dinner out. He's a weather nut so I got him a wireless weather station that he played with for hours. Can you say happy camper?
This is Dave's retirement bash but he extended his last day of work due to paperwork snafu. Sept. 14th is his last day and he has had a few job interviews in case the house is not sold. A few lookers have come by but no offers yet.

We are very anxious to get the real party started. ;)

*Michelle is not pregnant! We are all relieved because she is not ready.
*My biopsy came back negative but it add weird cells that would have gone to cancer if left undetected. Ladies get those mammograms!
*Spending lots of time with TK and my girls before move and I'm starting to see the terrible two's setting in.


Star said...

These are such good pictures of Dave's birthday and retirement party. My favorite is the bottom one of just the two of you; you make a very nice looking couple!

Yay about Michelle and your results :)
Boo about the terrible twos :(

Wishing both of you a wonderful weekend (and some serious interest in the house).

turquoise cro said...

My hubby LOVES the weather too! LOL Glad YOU got checked out and everything is A-ok! Did YOU love the Nigel-Cat dance??? phhhttt! HAPPY week-end you two!!!

Kelly said...

it looks so wonderful!

Nancy said...

You and Dave both look fantastic...and very happy.

BTW...I was told to get a mammo (I'm overdue) and was THEN told that the next available appt was in 2 months. Unbelievable.

Glad you're ok...REAL glad.

Love ya,

Chris said...

You guys are such a good looking couple. What great smiles you have! And I would never admit this to anyone else, but I too, am a weather junkie. DON'T TELL. lol.

Regina Clare Jane said...

You guys looks so happy! I am sure everything will work out wonderfully!

bella said...

I'm so glad the party went well. Too bad about Michelle. But all will happen in good time. Enjoy your TK dude. xo

AnnieElf said...

good news all around Tammy. You and Dave looks so happy. Hugs.

Chris said...

You two look so damn happy! Congrat's Dave!

daisies said...

wonderful birthday and retirement photos :) congratulations dave!!

everything seems to be working out so here is hoping that that perfect buyer is just around the corner :) xox

paris parfait said...

Wonderful photos of you and Dave - you're not only photogenic, you look pleased as punch! Looks like Dave had a happy 50th. Glad to hear the good news. (and I know all about the weird cells - you're right, it's so important to have mammograms regularly. Reminds me I need to schedule one soon). xo