Monday, September 10, 2007

Encyclopedia of Me - "E"

Efficient is something that I have become over the years. I am very productive using the least amount of wasted effort. I must be productive in my household and yet some things that are too tiring or dangerous I just don't do. Examples:

Showering and meals are planned out so I don't fall or make a huge mess. Dave leaves stuff out that I can handle and showers are timed with energy levels or when someone is home.

I manage our money online so there are no envelopes, checks or stamps to wrestle with. I buy stuff online if I find free shipping. I'm not a comparison shopper and believe you get what you pay for. I do look for sales but only name brand stuff and I don't want to rummage for bargains.

I make business calls first thing in the morning after my coffee. When I'm best understood and have the highest energy.

I make lists of what we need and it helps Dave keep errands straight. I can't write but still do lists and can't do clutter or unorganized. Chaos makes me uncomfortable and I even have my grandson trained to know what he can and cannot do at my house. Jess can't understand why he behaves at my house.

I straighten up everyday so that when housekeeper comes every other week it is only to clean. Yes, I clean before she comes but just light pick up, bed and toilet seats.

I'm a problem solver when things go wrong and formulate plan B's and C's. I always need a plan.

When I shop for myself I take Dave and know exactly what I want before I go. Dave is great at finding what I'm looking for in case I get distracted. ;) I don't like getting exhausted by trying anything on but if the item looks iffy Dave will accompany me into the fitting room.


It was actually Sunday but I took the weekend off from blogging. TK's daddy danced this weekend on the reservation in the traditional Mi-Wuk dress at the Acorn Festival. I ended up a no-show due to heat and missed seeing my lil man on grandparent's day.

Dave's daughter Jolene turned 25 on Sunday and sent this lovely card for grandparent's day. We received the news this week the new baby is going to be a BOY! He will be our fourth grandson expected around January 24th. Congrats guys! We can't wait to meet him. ;)


House has still not received ANY offers and Dave's last day of work is Wed. Yay! No more four hour commute!!!!!

New plan, due to no local job offers, is to find a job near new home. Dave will only need to work until old house sells and new plan will allow us to move forward instead of living in limbo. Our savings is spoken for so we are going up on Friday for some job hunting. I'll be MIA this weekend and part of next week. The Apple Hill area will be in full swing so I'm sure we will be found there too. :)

Dave made apple jam & apple/pear butter but the jam never set. :( He said he needs more detailed directions and is not giving up. We spent our weekend just relaxing by going to the movies (Death Sentence), renting movies and shopping for fall outfits to wear in Vermont. I even got Dave in foundations looking for "boy shorts" underwear. I told him I'm not comfy in my current bikinis and when I showed him granny panties the hunt began in earnest. ;)

Writer's Island makes its debut tomorrow so I moved The encyclopedia of Me to any day I have open during the week.


Brian said...

Tammy, this is a great post. Having a disability doesn't mean helpless, it means a lot of planning and acceptance of limitations.

That is so strange that you haven't had any interest in your old house yet. I hope it sells soon and the job works out as well.

About those boy-shorts...

Becca said...

You cetainly have to be efficient to manage your busy life, even without your own special challenges. I think of myself as being pretty efficient too, but it sure does take a lot of energy!!!

Your new plan sounds like a good one. I've gotta believe the housing market will take a turn one of these days - I'm hoping the election in 2008 will help turn things around.

I can't imagine my husband shopping for underwear with me - but it actually sounds like fun ;)

Star said...

You really ARE organized! Me too (most of the time).

I'm glad Dave isn't giving up on the jam. He'll find the right combination then your pantry will be full to overflowing with sparkling jars. I hope he finds a job right away and can enjoy a much shorter commute.

TK is growing like a weed. Happy belated Grandparent's Day! Dave must be excited about the new little one coming after the new year :)

Sending many good thoughts your way--new job, house sale, finding granny panties ;0

xoxo (like a) Star

tinker said...

You really are efficient!
And Dave, too - making jam--how cool is that!
Hope all goes well with Dave, the new job, the house sale, the move - everything!
TK is adorable - and I bet he just adores his granny. From one grandma to another, Happy Grandparent's Day, Tammy! XOXO

Just Jen said...

You are busy! Hubby has made some major adjustments to his life since his disability. He takes it in good stride. It looks like you are taking this in good stride also!
You asked what makes my boys happy and what they like to eat.
J eats everything. I mean it, everything, sometimes even food...LOL J is 5'9" and broad shouldered. I can count what T eats on my hand. He's the picky eater. Dr said, what he does eat is healthy and not to worry about it. He's short and chubby. My little butterball, I think they're both gorgeous. Of course, I'm bias. What they like? Playing with their friends, history and war information, especially WW II and Canadian history. They know every type of gun made and watch military shows to see what new is coming out. The trampoline, swimming and swimming lessons, and reading. Just to name a few things. Why do u ask?

Amber said...

I think your new plan sounds very smart. The thing to do. Why be in Limbo? Plus, he can come down the hill, and find work, I bet.

Let me know, because Lil'G and I will be wanting to take a trip up to Apple Hill and get us some pie. And jam. And apple butter. And cider. Ahem.


Just Jen said...

Yeah, the swimming lessons are good therapy because it provides pressure they need. The water gives compression and calms them. I was thinking of doing a part two post of therapy. But I don't want to write such a long post...LOL You bring up a very good point, I should write what they enjoy and I didn't think that it sounded so negative. I think I will do just that! Thanks for the idea!

GreenishLady said...

You ARE efficient! Such well-thought-out routines. I too wish you both well with the job/house sale situation.

I didn't know there was a Grandparents day, but hope it was a good one for you!

daisies said...

wonderful E's and am so glad you are moving forward ~ this is really good news!! i am still ever hopeful that everything is going to work out wonderfully! lots of love :)

Kelly said...

I am NOT efficient! Phew, I'm glad I got that off my chest. Sorry you had to miss grandparent's day *sniff* I'll bet he was adorable...but really...when it's that hot can it really be called heat? sauna? there must be a better word for it!

pepektheassassin said...

Dear kelly, me neither! I see from all those wonderful photos that tammy works out beautifully dressed. Me, I only dress up on Sunday/ or when one of my kids gets married....

Being efficient is not something I was blessed with, or being tidy, or organized. But I know tammy is all of these, plus she dresses beautifully when she works out!

Go figure.

Tammy said...

Hehehe I don't workout dressed up, I'm usually I workout in my jammies. That was a demo for my daughter. :)

Tammy said...

Wow - you really do sound efficient. It is great that you have routines and ways of doing things that work for you! Dave sounds like a super man (or Superman!) and I'm so happy you found each other!!!

I'm sorry his jams didn't set. That is what scares me about trying jam or jelly on my own!! I hope he tries again! :)