Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Writer's Island - "Over the Horizon"

We had our first mountain storm and it was a whopper. My new neighbor said a 4 day power outage and 18" of snow is "nothing up here." We had no batteries, snow blower or generator like our neighbors so we took notes. We did have a cosy wood burning stove, hot water, propane cook top stove, snow shovel and candles. We lost 10ft off our huge blue spruce but it luckily landed in the driveway. We weathered this storm and you bet we are ready for whatever is over the next horizon. I wrote a poem as I watched the storm. I was as fascinated as I was scared at the power of nature.

The Storm

The trees swayed a Rumba
as the wind kicked up her heel's.
Rolling in with a roar, like a wave
crashing into silence.

The trees stood shuttering, waiting
for the wind to whip around.
Just one tree began shaking like
a dog during a bath.

Pine cones pelted the house as if
the trees were fighting back.
The skies opened up bringing a
rhythm to the chaos.

Rain turned to tiny pearls
which burst into white confetti.
Clinging to everything as if not
wanting the armistice to end.

The sun comes up, the trees
hung over from their battle, droop.
They drop their heavy loads with
an avalanche of joy.

This is a work in progress so beware. Dave filled a whole card with snow photos on our camera and is dreaming of snowblowers.

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Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Oooooo, I love the imagery in this poem - I was right there with you! Great poem, Tammy! Peace & love, JP/deb

Amber said...

Hey!! I can't believe the snow is that close! lol! I know we owe you a visit. I'm so sorry! Soon. But we might need chains. LOL!


daisies said...

such wonderful imagery!! so glad to hear you weathered the storm :) wow ~ that is a lot of snow!! and i thought i was used to crazy snowfalls :)


stay warm!

Rambler said...

Rain turned to tiny pearls
which burst into white confetti.
Clinging to everything as if not
wanting the armistice to end.

Amazing choice of words.. very descriptive.

Nancy said...

Hey Tam,
Incredible...both the storm and the poem. I got your phone message last night and will call later today.
Glad you're ok and continuing to be the trooper that you are.

Love ya,

kate said...

I loved your opening line ... 'trees swayed a Rumba'. How long do you think it will take before a snowblower appears? It sounds as if it would come in pretty handy!!

Looking forward to the photographs...
Kate ox

gautami tripathy said...

What a vivid post. I loved the imagery.

KieKay said...

Good morning, Robin! I am still here in NC, where the high yesterday was in the low 70's. It's SNOWING today in SLC....Love the beautiful pictures--you ARE having an ADVENTURE, aren't you?!

I have made my friend here a new blog (this will probably show her new blog icon). She is a total newby here in cyberspace, and I have added you to her new bloglist. She won't be doing any blogging until after the funeral on Saturday, but I am hoping that it will give her a new interest and something fun to do....it's a difficult time for her right now.

Take care, stay WARM!

Tammy said...

Oh - wow! What an adventure for you!! I'm glad you did OK through the storm.

Love your poem!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments about Blessing, Tammy. I really appreciate all the support and understanding.

I like your poem and the pictures; mostly because I am not there. :)

Stay safe and warm in the storm.

Robin said...

What a lyrical poem, the peaceful photos belie the storm that created them.

Pam said...

Your house looks so beautiful in the snow and your woods look like winter here in Vermont. Or they did until all the rain came.

Your poem describes the essence of snowstorms beautifully, nice to have you back online!

So much love to you!

Kimberley (at Red Moon) said...

Tammy, beautiful words! I especially like the idea of trees doing the Rumba in the wind :)

I love snow and I don't love snow - it was a tumultuous relationship I had with it when I lived in New York and Massachusetts.

I am glad to know that the injury to your arm was not the worst case scenario. It's such a blessing that you have the kind of relationship with Dave where you can sit down to make plans and compromises that take everyone's needs into account.

I have been away from blog world for a little while, nice to be back. It's people like you that keep me coming back.

Lots of love and blessings for the New Year.

Just Jen said...

This is excellent, Tammy! You did a marvelous job describing the storm! We use to live by mountains and we know how spur of the moment a storm can be! So destructive, powerful, brilliant, and simply awesome! You wrote that poem the same way!
You go girl!

Chris said...

Ohhhh the song changed. The Kate Bush song went with this picture so well the first time I came earlier today but didn't have time to comment.

Great poem, even if it's a work in progress!

tinker said...

Wow! To the snow, the photos and the poem. I'm glad the trees won the battle - I like that last line.

Sorry I haven't been around as much - hibernating, then once I finally tried to get back on - the router was being a pain. Only one comment in case it goes out again - but I really want to wish you a Happy New Year - I'm so glad I've met you in this here blogosphere and that you are celebrating another wonderful year of being you ((HUGS))
Hope you are staying cozy and warm - I'm sending warm thoughts your way!!!~XOXO

lissa said...

my favorite line is : Rain turned to tiny pearls which burst into white confetti.

Perfectly describing the beauty of snow.

turquoise cro said...

WowieeEEEEE! Girly!!! LOOK at those tall pines! I have tall pines right across the street from me! They are pretty but scary in a storm!!! One snapped last year and luckily it didn't hit anything or anyone either!!! I bet Dave will have a snowblower SOON! tee hee

giggles said...

"Rain turned to tiny pearls
which burst into white confetti." Breathtaking picture and words! Felt the impact of your experience! Loved the photo of the calm after the storm....such a wonderland! Beautiful!

Hugs Sherrie

Becca said...

i'm glad the sun came up at the end of your poem :)

that storm sounds a little scary to me, but it sure puts our little michigan storms into perspective.

you've got some great imagery in this poem. well done!

glad you guys are ok!

jadey said...

What a great poem. I love the pics.

Star said...

Just the first of many snowfalls to come. I'm so glad it inspired you to a beautiful poem :)

Sending you good thoughts!

LittleWing said...

the perfect storm...candlelight, fire...secure...

Clare said...

Hi Tammy! The light and crisp color in the photos are awesome. Wow -- you guys really got pounded by the storm. We had tons of wind and rain here, but no snow. Your poem is really beautiful!! There is so much movement and life in it as the trees braved the battle. I especially love the lines "rain turned to tiny pearls/ which burst into white confetti" and also "the trees/ hung over from their battle, droop." I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder injury -- I hope it heals soon. And I hope this new year is filled with all good things for you and your family!

Just Jen said...

I signed up for notifcation of when you change your slide show....lol
Just here checking it out. Your home looks fantastic!
The snow pictures are unbelievably beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen a tree that tall. I would be scared to take a picture from the bottom of it and have all that snow come crashing down! LOL

forgetfulone said...

Your poem was fantastic. I couldn't stand snow like that! I would panic. Thanks for the warm welcome to writer's island.

Inland Empire Girl said...

I had to learn to prepare for power outages and snow also. We are glad also that we have lots of candles, lanterns, wood heat, and each other! Now when it goes out at school ( which also happens frequently) I have a whole other emergency kit that includes good joke books, chocolate, and decks of cards!!)

Sandy said...

Tammy, your poem is so beautiful and descriptive. The pix are fabulous.

I am so grateful to Writer's Island for giving me the opportunity to get to know you and your wonderful blog.


Anonymous said...

So glad you are safe, dry and and warm. I loved you poem, I think you captured the storm and how nature took contol. So wonderful!

Jana B said...

OMW!!!! That poem is amazing... I felt like I was there with you, experiencing it all!


paris parfait said...

So you're experiencing the beauty, as well as the negative impacts of the snow. Hope it's more bluster than anything else. Thank Dave for taking these gorgeous photos. And your poem is fantastic! xoxox

UL said...

What beautiful storm prompt Tammy...! I love storms too! The aggressive part of nature. Just catching up on all the posts. Happy New Year o8 to you.