Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Read Write Poem - "Dream"


Falling into slumber
the weight of my tears
trailed down my face
despair drifting into
my pillow

Awakened to terror
eyes refusing to open
my heartbeat filled the room.
Holding my breath in stillness
I knew a presence was near

The mattress creaked
and sunk at my side gently
terror began lifting from my body
replaced by a warming
blanket of peace

My eye's were urged open
to the God of my youth
with tears of sadness
streaming down his face
arms open to me

He spoke through my heart
taking me into his arms
rocking me as a child saying
"I feel your pain and
I'll never leave your side"

The next morning I felt free
from the bonds of fear
knowing I will never be alone
as I move forward in life
seeking purpose

This was a real vision/dream that came to me at a very low time in my life. The message was so profound it changed who I was and who I'm becoming. Fear is toxic and when you let it go it makes room for good things to come into your life. No one could ever convince me that this vision was not real and I will continue to share it in different forms until I can't.

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Nancy said...

That is so incredibly powerful. I almost wish that I had a similar experience. But I suppose faith lies in the fact that such a vision/dream is there for all of us, whether we see it for ourselves or not. I'm just so very glad that you saw it and it comforted you.
I had an "experience" once that frightened me, rather than comforted me. You have no idea how I wish I could bring that back and do it again without fear.
We're still trying to get a trip out there. These cyber hugs are killing my arms.

Love you,

Christine said...

A beautiful, honest, heartfelt poem. I'm so happy for you that a dream vision brought you peace and joy.

I wish you the best in your work toward a cure for your illness. Keep dreaming and writing! It seems to have a healing effect. :)

daisies said...

incredibly powerful honey, i have no words only love, xo

jillypoet said...

Tammy, Just today I wrote a piece on my blog about seeing Jesus right after I had my first son. It took my fear away, too. Wow! What a coincidence that I wrote that, then came to read your poem.

Amber said...

You are beautiful.
You are a blessing to anyone who knows you.


UL said...

Tammy, this is really beautiful...a perfect example that dreams could be made real...it is all in the mind.

melody is slurping life said...

Your heart, strength and words bless me. Thank you. You are in my prayers.

And there is a little something for you at my place. My hyperlink should take you there.

tinker said...

What a gift, such a powerful and lovely dream, Tammy - and you describe it so beautifully. You are an inspiration~XOXOXO

pepektheassassin said...

What a powerful experience. I have no doubt it really happened. Wonderfully written.

giggles said...

I know of what you speak in this poem. It's a knowing that holds you close. Faith I call it. Alway profound your posts.

Love to you Tammy
hugs Sherrie

sexy said...