Saturday, March 22, 2008

SS - Puzzled? / Easter Poem

I realize that I am 46 and don't get out much but I'm missing the days of old. Everywhere I go people are talking on cell phones and it is not just the young people. I have been caught talking to people who were not talking to me but to someone on the phone. It feels like it's getting out of control and what will happen to fossils like me when I refuse to own one? Will pay phones and land lines become extinct? Ok, probably not but I'm feeling a chill in the air.

I understand having one for emergencies, especially if you have young children. What puzzles me is why would you chat with your mom while you're shopping at Wal-Mart? Yes, my oldest has done that and if she calls while behind the wheel I hang up (I've seen her drive). I love the opportunity to strike up conversations with strangers in lines or in the store isles when I get out. Now, I'm lucky if I get eye contact or a returned smile. I feel a real disconnect happening out there in communities and I'm sure others feel it too. I love to people watch but now I'm eavesdropping because people tend to raise their voices. Can you hear me now? YES!

I'd love a no cell phone day or maybe a pledge of phone etiquette with every purchase. Your signal will drop at each slip up so that you may be reminded of where you are. It's a fairly new techno toy and the laws are always at least five years behind, so I get the dangers of cell phones not yet addressed. Did you know someone can take a cell phone picture up your skirt and it's not a crime?

I have no problem with cell phones used in moderation. I'm just not understanding the priority they are taking in people's lives. Children are given phones to call home and the parents are going into debt so children can text their friends. Cell phones are becoming cameras, Internet and MP3 players. I'm thinking this must be how my grandparents felt about VCR players.

Easter by Katharine Tynan

Bring flowers to strew His way,
Yea, sing, make holiday;
Bid young lambs leap,
And earth laugh after sleep.

For now He cometh forth
Winter flies to the north,
Folds wings and cries
Amid the bergs and ice.

Yea, Death, great Death is dead,
And Life reigns in his stead;
Cometh the Athlete
New from dead Death's defeat.

Cometh the Wrestler,
But Death he makes no stir,
Utterly spent and done,
And all his kingdom gone.


Cell Phone - StockXpert
Cylamen in snow by Tammy


Lippy said...

I love encountering a kindred spirit, specially when one is discussing a common peeve!

Cellphone are like pacifiers for this group of overgrown babies walking around, with that constant need for entertainment, or to draw attention to themselves. If someone is so busy that they can't do anything without a phone stuffed in their face, I'm not impressed - rather I think of what a lousy time-manager they are.

See...ya got me started :)

Happy Easter! LY!

Chris said...

I'm reading this post on my Blackberry....pbbbllttttttt! :)

gautami tripathy said...

I truly detest the cell phone although I do have one!

watered down

Lilibeth said...

Same here. I finally felt I had to get one to keep up with my car pool kids; my college kids each have one and it saves time...where are you. I'll meet you to pick you up for lunch etc. Unfortunately, half the time we forget them, or don't charge them, or have them off...but the the bill is always the same, outrageous.

Lilibeth said...

Oh, and I do really like that Easter poem.

Inland Empire Girl said...

I carry a Tracphone for emergencies and I am like you... what do all these people have to say that are always talking on phones. I love to talk... but that much? AGRRRRGG! The photo of the cyclmen in the snow is beautiful as is the poem. Happy Easter!

Redness said...

I agree plus I don't get why they talk so loud in public places and pace ... well written! Happy easter to you and yours ;)

GreenishLady said...

I confess I got my mobile phone for emergencies, as I so often drive alone, but then got into the habit of USING it. I prefer to text than talk, though, and very seldom talk on it when in public. I sympathise with your feeling about them, but am sorry to say I'm one of THEM!

paisley said...

i totally agree.. i keep one in my purse,, on a pay by usage basis and i cannot even remember the number to it!!!! i keep it strictly for emergencies on the road,, as i live a good 45 minutes from anything...

happy easter tammy to you and yours!!!!

giggles said...

I agree one hundred one has houses anymore, but they think nothing of paying a three hundred dollar cell phone bill. Remember the days of a twenty dollar phone bills. I have a cell strictly pay as you go. As a insurance policy for safety, and to make quick connections with a purpose, I put ten dollars a month on it! I figure in my house alone, approximately 120 dollars a month is spent on three cell phones and a land people even think about these things! They just fall into the trap of paying without question!

Great post by the way!!
Hugs Sherrie

Nancy said...

Oh, now you've touched on a nerve! I couldn't agree more. And I love the idea of the call being dropped if the person is rude, loud, or in any way disrepectful. Love it.
On a positive note...your photo is just beautiful, Tamela.

Love you,

J Patrick Leer said...

If you do not mind an opposing point of view ... when spouse caregiving / single parenting became my LIFE, I for one was grateful for the cell phone era. A phone on my belt is infinitely better for all involved than me having to go answer a phone or miss a medical call or call from school. Once I learned "text messaging" well, it even improved communication with my teen age daughter (grin) especially away at college.
Driving I admit is dangerous, but I got one of those blue tooth ear pieces and now it is a piece of cake.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

keith hillman said...

Don't start me on cell phones. I employ teenagers in my restaurant kitchen where these infernal devices are banned. Yesterday I was so fed up with one that kept chirping that I coated it in batter and deep fried it! Know what? It kept ringing! I HATE the things. Needed for emergencies? Didn't emergencies exist before cell phones!I rest my case.

Amber said...

The talking while driving...! Drives me crazy.

Happy Easter! Eat some peeps for me.


tumblewords said...

Oh, for sure! I've been known to walk up to a loud cell phone talker in a store and ask her to keep it down or move to the aisle behind me. These people frown. Hmmph. Well. And another thing - lol - dvd players for kids in cars. What happened to looking out at the real world? Nice post!!

Devil Mood said...

I share your concerns, Tammy. What baffles me is how quick this change has transformed our lives. All these new habits that become natural and seem very useful but that are actually interfering with our way of relating to other people.
But what worries me the most is the kids that are being raised surrounded by this new world - where will this lead?

(I love Jewel)

turquoise cro said...

I don't have one!!! but am GLAD my daughter has one, especially on her 9 hour drives alone back and forth visiting us!!! I'd like to know how many accidents they cause though on the road driving!!! At every church service you're sure to hear a cell phone! Turn it off!!! HAPPY EASTER TAMMY!!!

khambagirl, said...

Hi Tammy,

Love the poem and photo! Hate cell phones in the movies, markets and meetings. Have one for emergencies only. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter!

Remiman said...

Cell-phines....a pox upon them! I pay an exhorbitant fee to have one and if I use it once a month that's a lot. I'm a talker, anyone will tell you, but not on the phone. Oh, it'll save my life some day (I always take it with me when I run.) It seem that humans always over do a good thing until it becomes a nuisance to others.

Your poem is woderful, like the specter of Spring!

Sky said...

you make some very good points. i feel old and ridiculous when i have to decide how much of a "smart phone" do i want...they are hard to figure out to me - so many features, so many buttons! do i want to learn how to use all of the features - learn which buttons do what, etc. the answer is NO! i don't even want all the features - i just want a few of them!

i suggest that you take a photo of your precious pup looking as she SHOULD look to the groomer so s/he will learn how to clip that puppy! they have a long way to go to get this one right! ;)

Just Jen said...

Did you write that poem? that's AWESOME!! one of the best I've ever read. :D
I know what you mean about the cell phone. We have them and the only time they're used is when I need something like asking hubby to grab milk on his way home, or my eldest calling when he's done youth group for us to pick him up. Other than that, it's like its not there. I hate it when someone is talking on one in public and they're loud. You want to waste your cell minutes yapping about what you watched on tv, go ahead but don't talk so loud that I need to know who got voted off what reality show. I don't
I also enjoy talking in the store and it seems its only elders that i can make eye contact with and chit chat in line. The people my age or younger are too rushed. I don't get out much so when I do, I take my time ;p

Cathy said...

Tammy - That was wonderfully written. I have such mixed feelings about cell phones. They're a blessing and curse rolled into one.

I have a brother who must be on the road hours and hours a week. He gets lonely. He truly is an excellent driver so I don't mind him calling me to chat.

On another note. Have you heard from Pam at 'Mind Trips'? She's not posted in quite a while and I know that you two have a special relationship.

I'll stop back to check for any info or you can email me at

mushduck at yahoo dot com

Cathy Wilson

Lucy said...

OH Tammy! You've hit upon something that makes me crazy as well! BEFORE cell phs. My sons friends would call our home allowing me to get to know them. NO MORE. BEFORE cell phones, Parents would come to my door to pick up their kids and we could chat and get to know each other. NO MORE. While shopping as you've said, Folks would make small talk with each other.,NO more. I think there should be cell phone etiquette rules posted everywhere. I can go on and on, but I so agree with you.
YOUR poem was SO wonderful! ♥

Tammy said...

Sorry guys but I did not write this poem. All credit went to Katharine Tynan, I'm thrilled any one thinks I could write like this. ;) Thanks

tinker said...

Beautiful poem, Tammy!
I've replied to people I've thought were talking to me too - only to realize when I got 'the look' of 'why are you talking to me, can't you see I'm on the phone?' - when they're wearing one of those hands-free earpieces, who can tell? I miss the connection between people too. I carry a prepaid cell phone for emergencies (usually turned off, which drives my kids nuts when I forget to check it for messages), but I do try to keep it with me, because it is getting harder to find a payphone - I hope they don't do away with them - because I'm sure there must be plenty of people who don't have them or can't afford them, especially with today's prices.
Hope you had a happy Easter!
Love ya,

tinker said...

I meant - I hope they don't do away with payphones - not cell phones, lol. Just thought I'd clarify that =)

kj said...

tammy! hello!

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

We are a wireless home ... I know I'm WAY too dependent on my cell phone!! You've made some excellent observations :) xx, JP/deb

TJ said...

Take a bow.
happy easter to you two also!
love TJ

AnnieElf said...

Hi Tammy. We're back! I'm busy catching up with all my friends. I love the picture above. It's like blood on snow but no bad connotations to go with it. Beautiful.

one more believer said...

that is so hilarious... i crack up when i see someone talking on the phone and their practically yelling... well, really it is not funny... you're right... it's sad... sometimes i turn if off b/c i just don't wanna talk... and then freak out if i go out w/o it.. whazzup with that.. don't hafa clue.. great post and a beautiful poem... yeppers, i've answered people thinkin they were talkin to me... it is a strange world we're livin in...

Kamsin said...

I spent a good part of Friday grading student essays about mobile technology. It was really interesting how negative a lot of them were but you can guarantee every single one of them uses a cell phone!
Anyway, I've been in Japan a week now and am itching to buy a phone! But I do feel like I need one for safety and when I'm out meeting people because it is so easy to get lost here (for Japanese people too). I think in the UK I could live quite happily without one but here in Japan it's hard to survive without one. What's interesting though is that Japanese people have much better manners about using their phone in public.

paris parfait said...

I agree the cell phone chatter is out of control. Some people seem to be addicted to their phones and I just don't get it. Beautiful Easter poem - sorry I am so late visiting and commenting - you know how it is - more guests all this week. xoxox