Monday, April 14, 2008

What Were We Thinking?

Have you ever came up with a brilliant idea that you were so excited about yet you never thought it through? I'm really good at this and my husband frustratingly agrees.

Idea: Get a workout pool (dough boy) and stick it in the garage so I can stay ahead of muscle loss and be warm. It must be 48" deep to work.

We get a 15ft, 48" deep pool for a 18ft wide garage, can you say HUGE! Nothing smaller came 48"deep. We thought we could fill it with hot water from the water heater but with a 50gal water heater 12,000gals has taken forever. Two days and it's half full! I don't even want to see the propane and water bill for April...shoot me now! We looked into a pool heater and that would be outrageously high in propane or electricity due to the fact they are mainly made for built in pools. ALS patients must have very warm water so I'm thinking of squeezing my butt into a wet suit...argh!

The last and most important obstacle is how do I get in this thing. My arms are too weak for the ladder and I'm a whopping 5' 1" but Dave found a camper shell hoist, with a crank, on the ceiling of the garage. He's thinking of making a seat with cables and hoisting me down into the water. Picture a woman in a wet suit sitting high in the air, over a pool, in a garage. My neighbors will think the circus has moved to the mountains.

Dave is so embarrassed he did it all with the main door closed. He knows it's going to keep me mobile but the neighbors don't know I'm disabled, so he thinks they will label us "the crazy people up the street." I reminded him that with candles and music we can take late night skinny dips with complete privacy like a hot tub. We both have great ideas for our new pool but I'm stressing over the how to's. It was a good idea I swear! lol


Lucy said...

Tammy! That sucker of a DOUGH boy is going to drain all your dough! I DO know how these 'good ideas' sometimes are best kept as just a theory!
Why not just get a large hot tub? What kind of workout do you need to do? I am 5', and I can kick and wade around in mine. The temp is set for 104.
I wish you luck with your endeavor ♥

Tabor said...

I was thinking the same as Lucy. You need something a hot tub won't work?

Tammy said...

Dave insisted hot tubs would not be big enough and too expensive. LOL

emmapeelDallas said...

They've got those new hot tubs you don't have to plumb in but can be filled with a hose. The couple of people I've talked to who have them, LOVE them. Necessity is the mother of invention, my dear, and I know you and Dave will figure this out, and I can't wait to see it!


bella said...

Oh my.
I have a few my own "it sounded like a good idea".
Stressful though it sounds, I'm happy you are at least going for it, trying things out.
hopefully you guys can find a way to make this work.
looking forward to hear the update.
thinking of you.

Nancy said...

Oh Crapola!
It sure SEEMS like a good idea but there really are some obstacles. But ya know Tam, I've never known you to let any obstacles get in the way of what your goal is. Never.
So find your way around this, get all you can out of it in any way you can...and invite the neighbors over for a "get to know us" swim.

This pool is for one main purpose and you can make sure you get that need met. Between you and Dave, it will work.

And if nothing else, it makes one helluva story! ; )

Love ya lots,

GreenishLady said...

I have no wisdom or suggestions to offer... wish I had, but I do think you'll come up with the right solutions. Dave is so great.

Jolene said...

Dad has a creative mind, he'll rig something up that is effective and safe. The pool IS a great idea, though it doesn't seem like it at this moment.

It's a good thing, you'll see.

I totally would have left the garage closed, too!

Mary Timme said...

I've never 'met' anyone with ALS who has such good humor over it all. I say you have clouds of silver lined in gold for this project. Somehow it will work.

pepektheassassin said...

I know! Dig a hole in your garage floor and lower the pool several feet into the ... well, maybe this is another of those "great ideas"

I love it all, the cables, the hoist, the wet suit...and the candles and music! V-E-R-Y Romantic! :D

Sky said...

our hot tub is large enough for me to get exercise in and is so wonderfully warm for muscles that spasm like mine do! i can sit on one of the little benches built in it and kick my legs and get on the bottom in the middle and move my shoulders and arms. you can't swim but you can sure get exercise with a weight free body and heat. it is plenty deep enough for me who is 2 inches taller than you are! maybe you can find one on sale or a used one. getting in and out will still be an issue to resolve, however, unless he just picks you up and puts you in and lifts you out.

giggles said...

What a feat all this has been.Keeping the chemicals at the right levels may be a challenge as well!
But where there is a will, there is a way.

Hot tubs are pretty amazing, but there is a definite hike in the monthly heat bill! You'll figure it out. Summer the two of you will enjoy cooling off in it for sure!

Hugs Sherrie

daisies said...

hope you figure it all out honey because at the end of the day it will be the very thing i am sure ... hugs! xo

Chris said...

Why is it that when reading this post, I kept imagining a sequel to "Field of Dreams" called "Sea of Dreams".

Tammy whispers to Dave "Build it and they will swim". Then a disgraced water polo team or synchronized swim team gets a second chance at the glory they never got.

Ok....i'm leaving now;)

Shari said...

I recall my husband saying something about how, if you have a pool and use a lot of water, call the city water department and tell them. You may get a discount, especially if you intend to treat the water to keep it clean and not drain it all the time. Try it. Wouldn't hurt.

I do know the "neighbors don't know I'm disabled" thing. So many things can be "hidden".

tinker said...

You know, I think it's still a great idea - but then I've always wanted an indoor pool, lol. I'm betting somehow you will get the details worked out. And you know, I bet the neighbors wouldn't be so much thinking it's weird, as them bugging you wanting to come use your pool if they knew about it, lol.

TJ said...

Ok , I have quit laughing. I was just sitting here picturing the two of you ..looking...starring...then looking at each other followed by the "Whatevathehell" shrug.
Good plan..just a few details to work out.
They do make thosewood furnaces with the pcv pipe for heating in homes...maybe a smaller version for warm water to the pool.
Love TJ
( neighbors? invite them over and ask them to bring a dish)

chiefbiscuit said...

I'm sure you can work it out. I've heard it said that when you think there are only a certain number of options, there's usually still one you haven't thought of ... I hope that you two can come up with that one!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

PGE offers a grant for people with disabilities; to keep the electricity on; you might apply for it: I wonder if they would have additional funds for life essential equipment.

also; not sure if someone else has mentioned it but there is an item called a "soft tub" which would be perfect for you. Check it out here

Just Jen said...

You're too funny. I think its a great idea and if the neighbours think you're nuts, then just add a bulls eye and get them to pay a dollar to throw balls at it.
Ok, all kidding aside, have you thought of electric heaters? not that water and electricity is a good idea but putting them up high and warming the garage, may warm the water. Let me know how ya make out :D

b said...

This is so funny! I can't even think what to say...a first.