Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Write on Wednesday

So, how about you? How does writing fit into your daily life? What’s your ideal time to write, and why? Do you “write on schedule” or “when the spirit moves you”?

I must preface this answer with a brief description of my personality. After all isn't that what truly dictates how our writing is incorporated into our lives? My family and husband think I'm quite odd and I probably am but my life works for me. I'm very organized, everything has its place and I schedule each day. This is very productive behavior for a single working mother of two. But how do I explain it now when I've got nothing but time? I justify organizing my boredom to maintain control over my life.

I awake after a good 9-10hr sleep and since I'm not strong enough to make the bed Dave makes it before he leaves. He walks me to the bathroom with my eye's half closed at 6am so he can go make the bed. He gently opens up my side of the bed and puts me back in. He is so good about my need for order.

I turn on the coffee, put the dog out to pee and add milk to my laid out breakfast. I straighten the kitchen and head to the blog room for the day. Just writing a few short email responses and commenting on my blogline blogs fills most of my morning. I then take my pills and brush my teeth (notice I don't get dressed). lol With only one finger I can chose whether to write or read/comment on any given day. My finger and body cannot do both in my allotted time of 10am to 3pm. Dave leaves my lunch in the fridge so I stop and eat, maybe get dressed and put the dog out. Once Dave gets home I take off my writing hat and slip into my wife hat.

I blog as practice for writing my life story, but being the queen of procrastination I just keep using up most of my time with prompts. I also think it's a must that I read and comment to my friends and every person who stops by to cheer me on. My blog friend's are very real to me. Some of my 10am to 3pm is chatting with my friend's and family on the phone. I think it's very important to balance my blog friends with my life long friends. I have always been very social and now living in the mountains, blogging is my social life. I should take a week long break to work on my writing every now and again. That freaks me out just a little and as I type this I see how that's not a good sign.

Weekends are always up in the air and I don't always focus on order, neatness and writing. I learned order doesn't work with Dave around because he leaves things lying around, always has a project and likes to go play. Weekends are for being married for us and everything else comes after. I'm not fond of the mess but he does support my weekday anal behavior. He even has order restored by Sunday night.

I write on schedule because that's what works for me. ;)


daisies said...

i envy you your order, i find myself lacking much these days but then maybe that messy lack of order is what works for me ... hmmm ... thoughts to ponder ...

you should take a week long break to work on your writing, you really should :) xo

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

I'd figured that out about you, lol. I'm going to email you later but for now just stopping in to say hi! I like the sound of you writing your life story. Talking about Inspiration! Of course you got lots of time yet to work on it but you'd better start, you've crammed a lot of life in your short years I'm thinking!

linda said...

I think you should be writing that life story during some of the time you have energy...just my 2 cents :)

Dave sounds like a wonderful guy, much like my own dear husband. I wish I was organized and neat because I am anything but! and now, well, let's just say, I can't find anything!

Chris said...

Wow, you are organized. I blog when I have 10 minutes at work, while I'm waiting for dinner to cook (if it's a long roast or something), while tv is on, etc, etc. I guess I'm a haphazard blogger.

I've been trying to write more in my personal journal lately which has intefered with blogging somewhat, which is fine by me. The stuff I'm doing is too personal for my blog now that my parents, family etc all read it. Damn them ;)

Becca said...

This may sound wierd, but I felt really calm reading about your nice orderly lifestyle :) I hate it when my days get all unorganized and scattered about, even if it's my own doing.

I think being organized is probably especially necessary when you live with the challenges you face.

I'm sure glad you have time to write and share with all us here in blog-land!!

Remiman said...

Sometimes I envy the order you describe here. On the other hand Im quite comfortable most of the time with my disorganized order.
While I appreciate the picture of orderliness I function best in chaos.
I write when I have something to say....Or not ;-)

emmapeelDallas said...

I'm very orderly too, Tammy, but I don't have a regular schedule for writing. I wish I did, but it takes a back seat to everything else in my life right now. I admire you for being disciplined about it (and you are a terrific writer).


Daily Panic said...

I appreciate all the comments you leave on my blog and I'm grateful you stop by! I stop by here too, this is the first time I've been able to comment. I am not organized enough to allow for me time to leave comments. I usually just have enough time and post- then I'm off again.
Best wishes for writing your legacy. I get blog-stracted and don't write what I'm supposed to write at times too.(could be an addiction) :)

LeeDX said...

Tammy what a wonderful site you have created. Much luck in all the many positive years of your blessed life.

I belong to PatientsLikeMe, Bobby B posted your Newsletter today, it's fantastic.

God Bless, Thanks ~