Wednesday, May 13, 2009

3WW - Trajectory-nervous-bicker


are a luxury few can afford
but the hubster shan't be ignored

He decides our exotic destination
my job is trajectory formation

Buchart Gardens in Victoria, BC
ending at the Empress Hotel for tea

How to get me from airport to ferry
in a chair with a purse and suitcase to carry

Must get a passport card in a hurry
make all reservations so he won't worry

Can I make it without being seasick
I'm sure taking a some drug will do the trick

I picked a studio suite overlooking the harbour
but if he stresses at crowds it will feel like Pearl-Harbor

We may bicker and stress from point a to point b
but in the end we will see the grandsons, gratefully.

Shall I make him nervous with the final bill?
hell no, I want mementos and to eat at The Grill.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

love the new look. wait til after the trip and the thrill. then only then, the price I would spill.

daisies said...

:-) love this and love victoria!! xo

Kay Cooke said...

Sounds fantastic - it will all go beautifully I just know it.

Tabor said...

Take it slow and even if you have problems...they make the best blogposts. Have a wonderful, peaceful, beautiful, delicious, restful vacation.

The Mama said...

That was funny!!

You guys make me laugh, and I can't wait to see you ;)

paisley said...

i would say it isn't going to be easy,, but sounds like you already know that.... i am thrilled for both of you that you are going and to see the grandkids.....what a blessing that will be.

Mary Timme said...

You two must crack each other up now and then. I know the two of us do.

I was on the phone with our son the other day and DH said, "Ask how old a certain person is." So I did and told him and he came back with "No they're not!" At which point I just said with highly arched brows, "Well, okay then. I guess you told me!" Our son cracked up and praised me with "Wow, you are patient, Mom!" Then we both cracked up again. Such times are the best don't you think! I do! Enjoy every morsel.

Lucy said...

haha! what an adorable poem! YOU GO For it Tam!! sounds like an adventure i just KNOW you will handle beautifully! and what a prize at the end! :) xoxox
big hugs!

Daily Panic said...

Oh you are going to get those memories!! Enjoy your vacation. I would like to see Victoria one day too! I hope the gardens will be in full bloom for you!

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

The final two lines sum up my philosophy of vacationing: enjoy, and don't worry overmuch about the cost. It's better to be thrifty at home than travel all that way just to pinch pennies.

anthonynorth said...

Enjoyed this. Full of fun and optimism.

Amber said...

Funny woman. :)

I like your new look, too! Nice!


b+ (Retire In Style Blog) said...

I have just returned from 7 months of "I want mementos and to eat at the...." Now the bill will be paid so we can begin again. Drink some tea for me will you...the Empress is THE place to be at tea time!


Geraldine said...

I lived in Victoria years ago, Butchart Gardens is breathtakingly beautiful and definitely worth the effort. You will love it Tammy. Take care and safe journey!!!

Hugs, G

Giggles said...

Tammy that is an expensive ferry ride away from me!! So beautiful... Victoria is so special!! Breath taking!! The kids were there two summers ago!

Hugs Giggles

ThomG said...

Sorry about Wordpress. It captured your post and threw it in jail. It has been corrected. Hopefully, you'll come by this week and play.

Annie Jeffries said...

Buchart Gardens and Victoria is the most beautiful place. I would love to go there again. Have a wonderful time.