Monday, May 18, 2009

One Single Impression - Tolerance

(click to really see sunset glow)

Two Haiku on lessons of tolerance given by nature. This was a 30ft creek we built at our mountain home. Little did we know that we were the interlopers up here.

Creating nature
beckons the hungry creatures
bare stems bloom no more

Soothing waters flow
croaking interrupts slumber
build it they will come


paisley said...

we have pushed nature so far back any chance her wild life have they come back to roost.....

SandyCarlson said...

We arrive hungry and must learn to wait. That is a difficult lesson in tolerance.

The noise that interrupts slumber can be a challenge, too.

These are lovely, and so is your photo.

Tumblewords: said...

We moved right in with them! Lovely words and photo!

Jim said...

Hi Tammy, this is a beautiful piece of nature that you guys created.
Your haiku surely does tell nicely that the wildlife hasn't gone too far and can see your garden as an opportunity for play and food.
Some of our neigbors have fairly nice water gardens. One problem with them, they attract snakes up from the lakeside.

Tabor said...

These words are certainly the truth for those of us that live in the woods. Your yard is wonder they come! I was surprised at how you grabbed my mouse and turned it into a butterfly. You really are taking this nature thing to heart.

anthonynorth said...

These are deep and so true.

Gill said...

Love your words and the photo is gorgeous. Wish I could pop over to have a look in real life...

Mary Timme said...

There are so few thing that deer won't eat! Our garden in the mountains when we used to live there had a fence around it and the dear just leaped over it in one bound without effort. I used to say it was just a tease for them. Same with your picket.

Quiet Paths said...

I love falling asleep listening to the sound of frogs at night.

gabrielle said...

the softest footprint
disturbs the ants
who lay down new scents
leading to our door

I love the way you notice the interconnectedness of it all

zoya gautam said...

.. a straightforward narration _

'bout images - straight from life -

life-like ..

Beth P. said...

Dear Tammy--
I LOVED these, both of them...and yes, critters can surely help us build tolerance or at least patience!

Glad you are doing well--thank you for your kind words on my post this week--


Giggles said...

Hi Tammy sorry I have been MIA...I know you understand! I have felt all your love though!! Thank you! So few words that describe magnificence!

Love Giggles

Giggles said...

Hi Tammy sorry I have been MIA...I know you understand! I have felt all your love though!! Thank you! So few words that describe magnificence!

Love Giggles

Patti said...

Beautiful haiku! I especially like "build it, they will come" and come they do! Ah nature...thanks for sharing~

Kay said...

I call that beautiful. (BTW I can see an angel up in nthe trees in the bigger photo!)

JP/deb said...

Build it and they will come ... ah, the unintended consequences!

Sorry I've been MIA, life has been full on lately. Sending peace & love.


Sky said...

so true, so true. i am upset every time a bear wanders into a residential area, and they decide to sedate him, tag him, and lug him off to the cascades. if he returns he is put down. he gets only that once chance. excuse me! this was his land before developers took out the forests where he was born and has lived - ok, enough of is a post waiting to happen for me. x0x

Geraldine said...

You've beautifully written about a serious and ongoing crisis. Well done Tammy!

Lynne (aka Gel) said...

You had good intentions. I hope nature compensates and is hardy. It's hard to know what and how to plant. (That's an area I don't know.) I write and paint about nature, besides walking- such a refuge.
Your poem is intense and well done.
BTW, gorgeous butterfly. I love aqua and pink together!

TJ said...

a breathe of fresh have indeed become a poet! I love it and your beauty radiates in your words! Hugs ! TJ


I love your butterfly background. :-)

Lucy said...

oh Tammy.. when I clicked that photo it looked more like an amazing painting! Incredible view you have and your haikus are as always just lovely.

sexy said...


Annie said...

These are really delightful, Tammy. I especially like the frogs and interrupted sleep.

Cathy said...

Dear Tammy,

I've been going back through your posts all the way through November.

Your photos are wonderful. Sunsets, children, pups, snow-laden trees and flowers.

Beauty everywhere.

Love in abundance.

Courage that gives me hope for the human condition.

And your poetry . . .

Your bright heart sparkles from every line.

You and Dave are so blessed to have one another.

Geraldine said...

Just stopping by to leave a hug and many good wishes...Hope things are ok. Miss you!!!

Hugs and more hugs, G

Tammie Lee said...

Hi Tammy,

where are you? If I have it right you have not shared since May 18th? That is unlike you. Are you off to a wonderful vacation? Hoping, wishing you are well, sending my love.

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