Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sunday Scribbling - Adventure

In my forty eight years I have had many adventures that were fun and exiting like camping, fishing and traveling. But my life adventures are the ones that have shaped who I am today. Marriage, giving birth, divorce, being a single mom, death of loved ones and my journey with ALS are the adventures I treasure.

My life adventures have taught me about love, real friendship, priorities, appreciation of all life, acceptance of death and my own inner strength. I had no idea of what I was capable of until I was tested in ways I could never even have dreamed of. I now believe trials are a gift that push us to be better human beings and can inspire others to accept their own trials.

After beating the odds of an incurable disease I have realized that in a way technology has become a cure of sorts. The adventure of researching and networking my illness has given me a better quality of life. Learning how to use a computer that will bank my voice and type/talk with just my eyes. A lift chair recliner that gives me a gentle hand up. wheelchairs, shower stuff, bidets and eating utensils. The new Diaphragm Pacer that will expand your diaphragm for you so you might not need a ventilator. With new technology I will retain my ability to chose my life adventures.

I have lived to watch my baby give birth to her baby. Built a team to help others like me to live until a cure, got my first tattoo (heart of a warrior), won a gold in the Pan American trials for disabled sailing, I have a pool in my garage, created a dream home in the mountains, and I met and married a wonderful man (online) that was willing to join me on more adventures to come.

Zipline and disabled skiing are next but my future adventures are endless!

Tammy'Warriors raised almost $5000 this year and my Dave will be spotlighted in November for National Family Caregiver Month on the ALS website. :) Pictures of 2009 walk are below.


Tabor said...

Tammy, as you surely understand, your life is so much richer and fuller than those without visible disabilities. But this richness comes from within yourself. You are a real warrior and those are the ones that win the battles for the rest of us.

Lucy said...

Tammy (dolly) you continue to amaze, inspire and move me! You've had more adventures than your average bear!
I love that Dave is being spotlighted!
looking forward to reading about his incredible love and support.
You keep on soaring sweetie! your spirit is contagious! xoxo love u

Granny Smith said...

I love your perception that life itself, with all the setbacks and handicaps that might come one's way, is an incredible adventure. I am always filled with admiration for you and Dave.


Tumblewords: said...

In full admiration! Life is, indeed, the biggest adventure!

Giggles said...

Tammy you continue to amaze me daily!! Your tenacity is above all others. And Dave, well there are no words for a guy like that...he is just an earth angel, he really is. One with xray vision able to see one of the best hearts on this planet and snatch it up fast. You are proof we are so much more than physical beings, souls like yours beat outside of the body, the loud song of a leader!! Always wishing for a cure!! Great post Tammy!!

Love Sherrie

gautami tripathy said...

Tammy, you are my inspiration. Always.

deathly adventure

Also don't forget to post any of your creative works at Monday Poetry Train Revisited!

Gel said...

You, my sweet blog friend, are an adventurer, warrior, and a terrific person! I dropped in through Sun. Scribs and realized I didn't let you know I've had a new blog up for almost a month and have been posting regularly again.
I hope you and yours are doing well and that any adventures of late, have been good ones.


oldegg said...

You have been touched by a challenge and turned it into a fantastic adventure. That is so wonderful.

linda may said...

Tammy, you are amazing and you should be so proud of yourself. Your life's adventure is still going strong. Go girl.

Nancy said...

I sit and smile as I lose myself in yet another wonderous entry from my dear friend.
Yes,you are an inspiration indeed.

Maybe save that zipline for us to join you?? ; )

Love ya tons,

paris parfait said...

Congratulations, once again! Well done, you! xoxox

turquoise cro said...

Wish I could Zipline with YOU!!! What giggles we would share! Congrats on raising that much $$$$$$$$! and to DAVE for being the man he is!!!((((((Tammy&Dave)))))

Forgetfulone said...

You have had some amazing adventures, for sure, and many more to come! Ziplining is sooo fun! Can't wait to hear about that? And congrats to Dave. You have a real winner in him! Keep on keepin' on! (As they used to say in the 70's)

JP/deb said...

You continue to amaze and inspire Tammy!