Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sunday Scribblings - Recipe

I've been trying to raise awareness for ALS in May by turning prompts into education. This one was a tad hard but I never back down from a challenge.

Recipe for a Cure

Take a killer like ALS
And educate the masses
Add the ugly truths
Stir in the media
Put in faces of the stricken
And show their hope for tomorrow
Sprinkle with money for research
Heat on high for fast action
Serve ALS awareness in hearty helpings
To anyone who will listen.

15 new cases a day and they die so quickly few are left to fight. Lou Gehrig was a baseball player who had ALS but most don't know what he endured or even know who he was. Brain stops sending signals to EVERY muscle. Walking, eating, swallowing, talking and then slow suffocation ensues. No cure and ANYONE can get it from 16yr olds on up. Now ya know :)


Gemma Wiseman said...

A tough one is ALS! I really did not know! But you offer a wonderful recipe of hope!

Carina said...

You're doing a fantastic job in your ALS kitchen, and I hope your cure is just about ready to come out of the oven.

Tabor said...

This is a very "good' recipe. Paints a clear and difficult picture. Submit it to some Good Housekeeping and tell them a subscriber sent you. They could also do an article on Lou Gehrig because this year they are looking back at the history of the mag.

Tumblewords: said...

Excellent - there are several things in the pipeline now that sound promising! It gives us hope. I agree with Tabor - you could submit your words to several magazines.

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

I like the idea of submitting articles. One about Lou Gehrig would be an easy sell, I bet, and a good lead-in to the larger issue of ALS.

Or how about writing fiction or a memoir? Your perseverance is so amazing I can't imagine it not making a good read.

linda may said...

Wishing you all the est in your endeavors.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this informational piece...And yes Good luck to u in ur endeavors.

anthonynorth said...

And you keep hammering the message home. People need to know.

Dee Martin said...

You are the bomb Tammy!

Old Egg said...

I have just discovered after reading your blog for some time that in Australia and possibly elsewhere ALS is known as Motor Neuron Disease.

Either way you are doing a wonderful job in making the disease better known and giving hope to its many sufferers.

Lisa said...

I have followed you for sometime now and you are such an inspiration to your cause.

Jae Rose said...

Like Old Egg ALS means something different here in the UK. I am so glad you are blogging and I hope putting things down helps you as much as it helps other people to understand. Thanks for your visit..Jae