Saturday, November 26, 2005

Christmas Parade

I made it to the Christmas parade...Waahoo! The rain stopped an hour before it started. I was so bummed because that morning we still had our colds, it was raining and I had a migraine. I decided nothing would stop us and so the preparation began. I took an Imitrex, Dave made a thermos of hot coffee with pumpkin spice cream and we then began the fine art of dressing Tammy.

Dave obviously has not dressed many barbies or his daughter for that matter because it is a heck of an ordeal to dress me. The butt seam in any bottom garment ends up far from my God given seams, he pulls them up so high I get the wedgie from hell, zippers piss him off, jewelry clasps are too tiny and he can't see the earring hole, so he pokes tell he hits it...Ouch. The bra should be easy for men but I discovered that is only when removing. My boobies end up hanging out the bottom while the underwire cuts them in half...Ouch! The shirt usually messes hair and smears make up so I learned to do them last. Bless his soul for trying and he is improving a lot. I was really warm and very layered.

We got a great spot, walked up the street to the ornament shop and I did not crash into but one display with my walker. We got an ornament for our new home, two bumps on a log and a new grandma one for me. We ate huge steak burritos on a bench, visited with friends and drank hot coffee while watching the parade...perfect night. HoHoHo, I'm feeling the spirit!

We have our lights up, including bucky the deer and are on our way to see "Walk The Line" at the movies. Dave and I are still feeling crappy but we are sick of missing out on our traditions. I guess we have to go to the doctor, bummer. I'll have to share my "stiff" story later. Hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday!


emmapeelDallas said...


As usual you've given me a smile with this entry. Thank you! I like the ornaments and the pics very much.



Grant said...

beautiful words.

i came across your Blog by accident but i'm pleased i did.

all the best in the future.


Sie said...

I hope everyone starts feeling better soon. Dressing Barbie.. lol thanks for the smile.