Saturday, November 19, 2005

God Dog

The little one is Nikki and the bigger one is Manny. I love all animals but these two are my very special love bugs. Nikki is just what you would imagine, spoiled, selfish and ferocious with other dogs large or small. In other words a cute pain in my butt! Manny, well he's very special and at 16 still doing great!
Manny was given to me at 5 years old by a friend. He was trained in every way until I loved and spoiled him right out of training mode. It was after I retired and found myself home alone quite a bit. My friend thought I could use a dog friend and protector. Little did I know what this dog would do for me, he protected the house, he stayed by my side at all times and even shared my bed. The amazing part is what he did on his own. I heard dogs can sense illness but until Manny came into my life I thought that was exaggerated. If I was walking badly he would pace and whine, when I fell he would get someone or lay next to me and if I had trouble getting up he would stiffen his neck so I could use him to pull up. He trained himself to take care of me and the rest of us. He was not a happy camper when we brought home "lil white bxxxx" but he learned to be tolerant. I live in the country so when one night a huge racoon went to attack nikki, manny jump in and kicked butt. That was a relief but Nikki has refused to pee at night by herself ever since. Guess who escorts her, waits for her to pee and makes her come in so he can go to bed? Manny. He had a "old dog vestibular" stroke thing but now is fine, hearing is bad, eyes have cataracts and he rises a little slower these days. Manny is a gift from God and I can't imagine life without him. I love him.

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emmapeelDallas said...

That's a heartwarming story, and both dogs are beautiful!



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