Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Starting New

I'm embarking on my second half of life. My girls have "left the ole homestead" thank you God! If two hormonal girls can't kill me, ALS don't stand a chance. While my nest was emptying I was wondering why am I still here? I was thrilled just to see them graduate from high school. When I was 29 they gave me 3-5yrs to live with no cures in sight. They underestimated my determination, not to mention I had to girls to raise. We made it just fine!

I decided after 13yrs of being single and still getting along on my own I would start using the internet to chat with friends, then strangers and most frightening internet dating. I wanted a male friendship because with ALS anything more would be selfish...right? I'm so glad I was wrong! Most stopped IMing at the word "disabled" I never got to the dying part...LOL. Then I met Dave, a romantic guy scared to death to start dating after...get this...13yrs. We IMed, talked on the phone and finally met. I was so scared I asked if he owned a chainsaw, then I worried about the walker. I took care of that! I dressed way too sexy for a first date so his focus would be off the disabled stuff. He researched my illness after that romantic first date at and we fell in love anyway. We married on February 14, 2004 on Bali Hai, Kauai. It was just us, a minister, native hawaiian singer and my best friend. We got married at sunset and received an unexpected blessing of a double rainbow.

I'm so excited to start my second half and now I have my knight to fight by my side.


emmapeelDallas said...

What a beautiful bride you are, and what a handsome husband. I loved this story. Thank you for sharing it.


Candace said...

You are an inspiration!
And what a guy!

Sonia said...

What a lovely love story!
You both are just beautiful!