Thursday, November 17, 2005

Tivo is a Hero

So what’s a retired gal to do all day while hubby is hard at work? Glad you asked, not much! My poor hubby commutes 4 hours a day and works a stress filled job and yet when he comes home and says "what did you do today?" I smile and say "not much" thinking I hate that question:(
My balance is bad so I use a walker, can’t clean, don’t drive alone (except to the gym) and no longer can prepare a meal (I have a severe case of dropitis). I can however straighten up, make the bed, get coffee (pre-made by hubby), use the computer and watch TIVO. I love Tivo, my life is so much more exciting. Don’t laugh! It helps fill part of my day and keeps me away from the dreaded daytime tv. I read too but I go through a good book so fast I need a break for my eyes. I love movies the most but save those for my weekend movie night with hubby. We get three movies/wk from plus we still go to the theater once a month. Ask me about most movies, I’ve seen them...sad but true.
Dave is home by 5:30pm and up at 3:00am so off to bed at 7 and we are sleeping by 8. I Tivo prime time and watch it the next day, of course I save one for Dave at night before we fall asleep. Dave loves it too because he can catch a good show when he wants to and not be rushed. The best part of Tivo is NO commercials...Yippee!
Our favorites are: House, Prison Break, Nip/Tuck, Rescue Me, Survivor and ER.
My chick shows are: Gilmore Girls, Commander in Chief, OC, Punk’d, Ghost Whisperer and Related.
I keep working on my hands at the gym but my thumbs are almost obsolete but my Tivo finger is hanging in there. I’m through feeling guilty, I am out of options but very blessed to still have options. I hope when I can no longer use my hands or speak, Tivo will still be one of my heros.

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emmapeelDallas said...

I don't have Tivo, but my friends who have it love it. It sounds like it's