Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas Blunders

I've made a few blunders this Christmas!

A nice lady I swim with made a baby quilt for me to give to my first grandchild. I found a beautiful Christmas thank you card, that I signed "Merry Christmas". I remembered later I'd heard she was a Jehova Witness...OOPS

My online order's for Christmas are not here yet!

I went over my Christmas budget and we agreed to tighten our budget this year...Big OOPS


Chris said...

ha ha ha....oh well, don't get made when you get a knock on the door this weekend and find 25 JW's on your doorstep:)


Bon & Mal Mott said...

LOLOL My aunt is a Witness and while she refuses to celebrate Christmas or give gifts, she does insist upon attending the parties and stuffing her face. Slightly hypocritical, wethinks.
Bon & Mal

Jolene said...

Hi Tammy!!
I love your Journal, I read it from your first entry to your last. You really are a great writer and I can't wait to see the poem you wrote for Dad. I'm sure it's amazing.
Love, Jolene

Darla said...

Don't feel bad about your first blunder, Tammy, because I didn't know the JW didn't do Christmas. I worked for surgeons for years, so all I know is when I scheduled them for O.R. I always had to write orders for absolutely no blood transfusions! See, I learned something new today!

Guess what, my online things aren't here yet either!

And at this point, I'm thinking..."budgets"...duh...what are they? I am getting those wonderful new thousands of $ dumb pipes for Christmas, my birthday, Mother's Day etc...probably for another year or so! HAHA I'm going to remember your advice about packing the dirt though! I will be out there telling them "Tammy said to pack that dirt in there!"