Monday, December 12, 2005

The Halls are Decked

What a weekend! Our hall's are decked and the tree is up! The weekend started with Dave winning 2nd place in a fishing derby, that's where they swap dirty jokes, pass gas and win money for the biggest fish. He won $50 bucks which probably covered his entry fee and gas (in his truck that is, LOL). He was a happy dude which makes for a happy wifey!

The start of my weekend was in the gym, after a month long hiatus due to a chest cold. I started with the treadmill right next to a gal running like a banshee. I started slow, got cocky and hit the speed button a little too hard and off it went. The whole scene looked like Lucy Ricardo and the chocolate conveyor belt episode! I yelled "can you turn this thing off, PLEASE!". I managed to finish my workout, but I was sore the rest of the weekend and walked like I had a stick up my back side.

I also got to attend a Christmas house, tour fundraiser with my girlfriend. It's where local merchants decorate a different room in a huge house. You pay $10, buy raffle tickets and drink cider. Beautiful old house and I won the center piece shown. We had a gourmet lunch before we went on the tour and did a little shopping after. I love a good girls day out! Thanks for the treat Lynne, I love you!

Dave and I decorated together, however I can only supervise. This is called by most men as bossy, picky and controlling. My man knows I'm disabled but uses all of the above to discribe my supervision. (ALS took my pinching mechanism away but I have a strong grip. A great example is I can drive a car but I can't zip or button my breeches.) It's just too darn frustrating to watch my man decorate, he's decore challenged. LOL We did it without killing each other and we were happy with HIS work. Nikki got in the spirit by wearing her new Christmas sweater and wishing it had no hat!

I have regressed to my childhood by giving Dave too many hints about what santa is bringing. I always found my parents hiding places and would give my brother hints about what he was getting when we were kids. Surprise, surprise, they both hated and hate it! My bad! I get so excited! I even gave Dave a present already! I made a calendar with pictures of us, his mom in Kauai and his grandson's. He LOVED it!


Gabreael said...

Love the pics. Your dog favors the one in V's blog. Don't you think?


Candace said...

Love the sweater on the Nikki. I was always the really good girl who knew where the presents were kept but would never peek. My sister on the other hand.......

betty said...

Pretty centerpiece! That outing sounded like a lot of fun! WTG to Dave for winning the fishing derby type thingy!

thanks for participating in the Monday morning question and scavenger hunt. Next week's hunt, as you probably read, is stockings or socks. Hope you participate.

It must be hard to have lost the ability to pinch. I think your hubby did a wonderful job decorating. Pat him on the back :)

jennifer said...

Oh I love the holiday sweater on the pupster!! Mine has one hoodie that he got last year that he will consent to wear. Anything else, though? Forget it! :o)