Thursday, December 01, 2005

Over the River and Through...

I just finished reading all my favorite journals and really enjoyed it. I type with one finger so my comments might be short but my right arm is getting quite strong. We are feeling better so we decided to take this Friday thru Sunday to visit Dave's mom for Christmas. I know it's early, but I really need to stick close to home in case that new grandbaby pops out early.

Dave's mom is a neat 82yr old lady living by herself in her own go girlfriend! She raised 6 kids and had never really been on a "real vacation". This year we took her to Kauai and showed her the beach where we were married. It was so brave of her and she loved it! We even got her to take a helicopter tour of the island. The look on her face was priceless. She stayed a week and we stayed two weeks in a little two bedroom house 50ft from the ocean. She never complained, always went with the flow and was never bossy. For Dave it was so special to share paradise with his mom.

The trip to visit his mom is a 4-5 hr. drive...kill me now! I hate long drives!!! So it's over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go...I forgot the rest. I hope it does not rain on the way, Dave hates when I use the passenger side brake peddle and gasp out loud.

Jess has been shamed by her mommy dearest into attending her own baby shower tonight...waahoo! Please let there be no games to play, I really hate that at showers! A moms gotta do what a moms gotta do!

Have a great weekend!


Sie said...

Taking your M-I-L to Kauai was so nice! I admire anyone 82 years old that will travel like that. Not to mention go in a helicopter. I can only hope to be that active at her age.

betty said...

That was so neat that you go share that Hawaii trip with Dave's mother. What memories!

My mom is 84; she was always one to want to go and see new places. The last couple of years she's had some back problems that has slowed her down. Otherwise, I know she would have been on that helicopter with your MIL.

Enjoy your visit with her :)


emmapeelDallas said...

Woo hoo on shaming Jess into attending her shower! Way to go! I know she'll enjoy it, but I'm with you, I hate games at showers.

As for taking your mother-in-law to Kauai...that is VERY cool and I love the pic and she sounds like a super lady. Have fun tonight, and I wanna hear about the shower when you get the chance. Also, have a great time this weekend.



Laura said...

just waving hello, neighbor!

Gabreael said...

Wow, 82 living alone and traveling. What a great testimony to a life lived well.

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