Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's a New Year

TK is home, Dave is feeling better and Tammy is feeling like it's 2006!

I need to make a few changes this year:

1. Be more creative

2. Less TV

3. Step away from drama

4. Give more to others

5. Create a prayer jar ( Thanks Candace )

6. Soak up my new grandson

Last year was way too busy. I'm a big one on living life to the fullest but this year was crazy!
Dave and I both had grandsons, my daughter got married, we took Dave's mom to Kauai, bought our retirement dream home, replaced our septic system, I was found by my 82yr old (biological) grandfather and lost a grandmother. Let this year be less busy and cheaper!!


jennifer said...

What a beautiful babe. I want that kind of peace. Congratulations Meema!

Looks like you have bundles of joy to soak in during the coming year! Lucky you. :o)

emmapeelDallas said...

I like those resolutions, and I LOVE that pic of that beautiful baby! Here's to a GREAT 2006.




TJ said...

I came back to peek again...so precious!!!
Hugs TJ

betty said...

He is so beautiful, Tammy!! I think you did a great list of things to try to accomplish this year! Definitely spending time with TK is a top priority!


Ayn said...

AHA! Forgot to add, "maintain wonderfulness!" Hehehe


V said...

Woo Hoo!

Chris said...

An admirable list of resolutions, for sure!!!

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Gail in MN said...

Wonderful resolutions! And wonderful TK! Have a most memorable year!
I love the idea of a prayer jar! Will have to try that myself.