Monday, January 02, 2006

Monday Question & 5 Bad Habits

Question: How old is the house, apartment, mobile home, etc that you are living in right now and is it too big for you, too small or just about the right size? You can either answer in the comment section or in your journal and then add a link in the comment section. Thanks!

Built in 1961, 1240 sq. ft., 3 bedroom & 2 full baths. Perfect!

! The Name the 5 "weirdest" habits that you have, and then tag 5 other journalers/bloggers to do the samechain continues... Jolene tagged me! I don't remember who has done this already, so play if you want :)

1. Won't go out in public dressed way down or without a little make-up. I always end up running into someone I know.

2. I will do anything to keep water and toothpaste spots off my mirrors, including brushing in the hallway. Sonicare toothbrushes are the devil :)

3. I hate clutter in my house and car. OCD in picking up stuff!

4. I ALWAYS second guess if I locked the dog gate, doors, turned off appliances, after I have left the house.

5. I will change clothes until I don't feel fat! Dave helps me dress and hates this habit :)


betty said...

Tammy, thanks for playing! You got the measurements and everything down perfect for your house. I know ours was 1972; I think we have 1800 square feet upstairs and 1500 square feet in the basement that is finished about 95%. Too much for our family. We bought it because it was in the school district the kids were in at the time. Now too lazy to sell and prices went up. So we would get more for our house, but then have to pay more for something smaller.

I love your 'weird habits'. I totally understand about the clothes thing. When I was overweight, I would always wonder if I looked extra fat in something and would say comments to my husband like "do these jeans make me look fat". Thankfully for him, he never said "yes".

how is that little grand baby of yours?


V said...

No. 2 IS Weird! LOL, G`Ma!