Thursday, January 26, 2006

Two for One

I want to write a serious post, but I made a promise to Gail (I've been tagged) The picture is for TJ's round robin animal photo challenge. What my Maltese looks like when wet ;) I thought I'd do two in one. I'll write the more serious post in a separate entry. Thanks for the migraine advise too, I will be trying them out because I hate Imitrex.

1) What is your middle name?Lee, after mom Judy Lee.
2) What size is your bed? Queen sleep number bed.
3) What are you listening to? My dog snoring
4) What are the last two digits of your phone #? 875
5) What is the last thing you ate? A power bar, I don't do breakfast
6) Last person you hugged? Dave
7) How is the weather right now? Cold and rainy
8) Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? My friend Lynne
9) What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Eyes
10) Do you have a bf/gf ? I've been married for 2 years on Valentine's Day
12) Do you drink? I already walk like a drunk, I don't need to make it worse. lol
13)Have you ever gotten so drunk that you don't remember the entire night? I wish I could not remember a few:)
14)Hair color? Dish water grey until hubby puts on the Loreal auburn 6R
15) Eye color? Hazel
16) Fav baseball team? I'm an ex sports widow, I live in a no sports home (except the Packers)
17) Fav animal? Dogs
18) Favorite season? Autumn
19) Ever cried for no reason? Dah...PMS?
20) Last movie you watched? Wedding Crashers
21) What book are you reading? High Plains Tango by Robert Waller
22) piercing? Two in each ear
23) Favorite movie? Most of them, I'm easily entertained and LOVE movies.
24) Fav college team? None, but I loved the movie Rudi and he went to Notre Dame.
25) What are you doing right now? Thinking this is too long.
26) Pets? 2 dogs, 1 cat
27) Dog or cats? Dog, only because I'm allergic to cats
28) Favorite flower? Daffodil
29) Have you ever been caught doing something you weren't supposed to be doing? Too many times so I stopped doing it.
30) Have you ever loved someone? Yes
31) Who would you like to see right now? My grandson
32) Are you still friends with your ex's? Husband, no way
33) Have you ever fired a gun? Yes, I pulled skeet for movie stars at my aunt's gun club at 14.
34) Do you like to travel by plane? I love to travel but hate all forms of transport. lol
35) Right handed or left handed? Right
36) If you could be with someone right now, who would it be? My grandson, since hubby is here already.
37) How many pillows you sleep with? One pillow, a hubby and a dog stuck to my butt.
38) Are you missing someone? Grandma Margie, she loved me so much!
39) Do you have a tattoo? No, but my oldest has five.
40) Do you watch cartoons on Sat. mornings? Not in many years, I loved merrie melody's.
41) Are you hiding something from someone? Yes, anger at a relative.
42) Do you play an instrument? I used to play classical piano, but I sucked so I stopped.

Gail, you owe me a meme for this! LOL


tara dawn said...

Though I know these little surveys can get annoying at times, I'm glad that you participated. It helped me learn a little more about you, and I'm always eager to learn more.
I hope your head is feeling much better. I'm having a rough time right now, so forgive me if I'm not as good with the blogging and comments as usual. Would you please say an extra little prayer for my family? It would mean a lot!
Sending lots of love and hugs,

betty said...

how exciting to get married on Valentine's Day! Enjoy your anniversary :)


Andy Hunter said...

That is a cute, cute dog. You, Miss, have a very cute dog.

Gail in MN said...

Oh my gosh!! Your wet puppy photo is hilarious!! Is this the same dog that's "stuck to your butt" each night?
Thanks for answering ALL those questions! Now we know a bit more about you, and that's what tagging is all about.

TJ said...

Oh to precious! That is the sweetest looking and most humble bath tub baby!!!
Let me send the addie for the Round will like it!

TJ said...

Here is the Round Robin Photo blog site kiddo!

You can see some really great things and get yours in. Tons of fun!

Chris said...

sigh.....poor dog.

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V said...

Loony Tunes/ Merry Melodies! Yeaaa!