Monday, January 02, 2006

Washed up Weekend!

I'm hanging on to the birth of TK and refuse to let bad feelings ruin the start of a promising new year!

Northern California is starting to float away along with all the good cheer in my family. Jess is exerting her motherly powers over her MIL and getting away with it. The very sweet MIL is scared Jess will hold the baby hostage unless she lets Jess control the house. The new daddy is waiting on her hand and foot on very little sleep and advise from me is not wanted. I have to watch my mouth and keep it zipped...very hard! I'm seeing potential problems but she snaps at me, gosh I hope this is hormones!

My ex never showed up to the birth, yet drove 3hrs to come here to see it. Substance abuse kept him in a hotel room for two days and it made Michelle furious and Jess VERY upset. As their mom I get upset for them, but they enable, deny and forgive. That leaves mom hanging out there fuming! He finally showed with no excuse, but threw money at them to make nice. This has been going on for years, but every once in awhile the mother lion in me comes out.

Dave caught another cold which makes him very cranky, add tons of rain, nothing to do and you get one unhappy camper! He was ticked at the girls for putting up with their dad, feeling a little sad at my "baby tunnel vision" and the fact his grandson's are in another state not getting his attention.

I absolutely refuse to let all this negativity stop me from really looking forward to 2006! I will let it all go and get back to life as it was. I broke my own "no drama zone" rule and need to post a sign to remind myself. May you all have the best year ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bon & Mal Mott said...

Don't worry, Tammy, someday you'll be able to look back and laaaaffff.
Until then, hang in there. It will be worht it.
Bon & Mal

betty said...

You have a good new year too Tammy. With that attitude of yours you will!


thebluestbutterfly said...

I hate & avoid drama zones...the only people that actually get hurt are the people who are not causing the drama.

emmapeelDallas said...

Hang in there, my dear (and I know you do). This is a time when emotions run high for everyone, for all the reasons you've so perceptively outlined, and more. I well remember when Xander was born...a time of great joy, but it's a new thing for everyone. Just concentrate on enjoying TK, and on doing what works for you and Dave.



Ayn said...

Oh my gosh, talk about bad feelings ... if that poor kitty isn't having a bad hair day, I don't know who is!

I read this entry holding my breath ... thought yup yup lot of negativity swimming around you this round, but I see gladly that you are doing a strong backstroke out of those shark infested waters! I truely understand negativity and not wanting it to settle on my head. I've decided the best way to get out of it, is to remind me the problems that I am noting, don't belong to me. And, then?? We should go out and read some more blogs! YAYYYYYY!

Love you!