Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hibernation Over :(

Is it Spring yet? There are still patches of snow here in sunny California. Normally at this time of year it's in the seventies, but lately we are lucky to get up to sixty degrees. My gym membership is now activated for spring and summer. I fight my illness mentally and physically, but in the winter I hibernate and become physically weak. I start my physical workout slowly in the spring, but quickly work up to three days a week. I start in the outdoor pool and work up to the machines. I get up to an hour of pool aerobics using floating buoys and an hour on the machines. I drive myself, but get plenty of help when I'm there because I'm a familiar face. The owners however see me as a walker toting lawsuit waiting to happen. The doctors are doing medical trials on the effectiveness of exercise on ALS patients. They argue that it could make you weaker and you can't build dying muscles. I don't need no stinking trials to tell me squat! For three summers now, I have built up muscle and thrived. I just listen to my body and go accordingly. Due to the weather, I'm way behind schedule. I need to mow my legs, cut my hair super short, get a pedicure (hubby hates cutting my two inch thick toe nails!) and lose my winter pooch. Yikes! Dave is my biggest gym fan and has been know to join me in my water aerobics class. He does a mean water Y M C A ! I can't ever slack on my workout's or he's on me like white on rice. He wants me to get strong and stick around for awhile. Ya think? LOL

I conquered the treadmill last fall, but it took months of staring at it before I would try it. I can no longer swim and I can not get cold. This gym keeps the one pool at 85 degrees and they have buoys shaped like weights. I use one in each hand, they keep me up and I use them in my workout's as resistance in the water. People are very supportive at this gym and are like family. If I see anyone around town from the gym, in my hibernation time, they always say hurry back. It's hard to go that first week, but once I see my buddies I am invigorated. Wish me luck! I'm starting back next week.


tara dawn said...

You don't need luck, dear Tammy. You have strength and determination and an incredible spirit...that is all you need. I have faith in you, and I am so proud of you.
Btw, did you get my last email? I sent a short one a couple of days ago, but not sure if it went through.
Love ya,

Jolene said...

I'm so happy for you that you start your gym up again.
I know how you get tan, too, being in the pool during the summer. So, that's kinda nice too.
Good Luck,

emmapeelDallas said...

I agree with Tara Dawn, you have strength and determination and an amazing spirit...I could take some lessons from you!




Anonymous said...

Your cat in the water is toooooo
funny.And yes I want to keep you strong and healthy and won't let you skip your workouts.Just wish I could go with you more oftenKeep up the good work...Love Dave

Tabor said...

Quite an interesting photo...and I also think exercise when approached carefully and not too crazily is always good no matter what the illness.

betty said...

wishing you luck,Tammy! So neat that there is a supportive place you can go to get some needed exercise. I would think it would be also good for your mood.


Chris said...

It is neat having that sense of "community" whether it be at the gym or here on line, huh?

Two inch think nails......ha ha, riiiigght.

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Gail in MN said...

Being a fairly new cat owner, your cat swimmer photo is a stitch!!
I love winter because I can hide my unmown legs under tights or slacks. Sigh--Spring is right around the corner and I'll soon have to start mowing....the lawn and the legs. Bummer.....

You are an incredible lady.