Sunday, March 12, 2006

Snowed In!

Dave has been disappointed in his first two winters spent in the California foothills. We are at 2800ft elevation and have not received much snow in the last few years. Well, Dave got his big snow over the last three days, up to 2ft of snow. He was like a kid, walking in it, watching out the window every few minutes and taking his measuring tape out to see how much snow we were getting. I thought he would get stir crazy, but he was just taking it all in and stayed mellow.

We watched movies, had the fireplace going, played scrabble, he helped me make my first snow angel, listened to our James Blunt CD and Dave made apricot pork chops. We had a really fun time being snow bound! We had a some great belly laughs too! Poor Nikki kept us in stitches, by trying to pee in the deep snow. I don’t think she pooped all weekend! She would bolt out the door, come to an abrupt halt once it hit her tummy and then make a sharp U-turn back to the door. Old Manny made her a trail she would follow. When I was watching our movie, Nikki was trying to get my cough drop. I was bobbing and weaving in laughter, when it fell out of my mouth and landed on her nose. It stuck to the hair on top of her nose and although she tried, she could not make her tongue long enough to reach it(picture above). I was laughing so hard, the laughter made me pass gas. Which made us laugh even harder and I did blame it on the dog!

Our backyard was filled with starving Robins, so Dave put his boots on and raked up some snow so they could feed. It touched my heart when they ate ravenously where he had raked. He has a huge heart and yet he is a duck hunter. I don’t get that one! I don’t blog when Dave is home, unless he’s working on a project. I just wanted to thank you all for the really neat comments on my sailing adventure. :) Dave may be home tomorrow too, due to ice on his 2hr morning commute. He may just go in at 7am instead of 4am, due to black ice. He also has his first root canal Tuesday, so that makes it five days off in a row (he had Friday off, because he gets every other Friday off). I hope I don’t miss too much in bloggerville! I added a few more pictures on my Flickr.


TJ said...

Oh now that is snow!
I didn't think California got snow, goes to show again why it is so cool to meet blogging friends. It is all a learning experience.
How cool is that?
Oh almost fogot...did you get your your program yet?

Gail in MN said...

We got a foot of snow here on the tundra last night. Heavy and wet, but my dog loves it. She's a bit further off the ground than your puppy...
You're FIRST snow angel!??! I can't believe you've never made a snow angel before!

emmapeelDallas said...

Now you've got me missing snow, and I didn't think anyone could do that! ;p Your first snow angel? How terrific! I love making snow angels, but it's been years since I've had the pleasure of making one. I love that Dave cleared an area for the robins to feed. What a good guy he is! And I always feel happy, thinking that the two of you have found each other. You give me hope!



Bedazzzled1 said...

My eyes and lips were smiling while I read this entry. What a happy and funny and heartwarming post. Thank you!

(By the way, it is a little disconcerting to see the name "Nikki" in the same sentence with poop. ::giggling::)

Gabreael said...

The pic of Manny at 15 was really cute.


betty said...

Nikki is so cute! I can imagine her horror having to go outside in those conditions to do her business. I have had to shovel paths for Koda in past snows, we haven't had that much snow yet this year. Loved your snow angel :)


Chris said...

Where's the pictures of the snow?? I wanna' see!!

V said...

Nikki is so Pretty!

Chris said...

Great post! I love snow but have never seen 2 feet of it.

So sweet what Dave did for the robins. It does seem contradictory but hunters/fisherman are some of the best advocates for wildlife.

Poor puppy dog:(

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