Thursday, March 09, 2006

Running on Empty


Why are we getting sick, is it truly just our
genes? We eat in a fast food, super size
world that is hurting our present and future.
What emptiness in us are we trying to fill?

Why do we need all the stuff, is it really
because we can afford it? We are in debt
and no one seems to think it’s a problem.
What emptiness in us does the stuff fill?

Why do we think of what we need, instead
of thinking of others? People are suffering
alone and are in need of our compassion.
What emptiness in us keeps us from giving?

Why are we stressed and have the need to
be busy? We have trouble just being with
ourselves, forgetting how to be still.
What emptiness in us keeps us afraid?

Why can’t we see how we effect each other,
being of one family. No one greater than another,
in crisis of losing our future. We need to
fill the emptiness with love for one another.


tara dawn said...

Tammy, did you write this? It is beautiful and deeply touching to me. Just what I needed to read tonight...thank you!

betty said...

amen to that; well written

Gabreael said...

A great post. I would of titled it "Why?"



emmapeelDallas said...


This is a great poem. Thanks for sharing it.



Chris said...

This was incredible.

But I would add only one thing....Start by filling the emptiness with love for yourself.

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betty said...

beautiful, Tammy. so true.......


Ayn said...

I think we're running on a gassed tank empty on all those super-sizers. Damn BK ... caught up again in those 2 for $2.50 chicken sandwiches. Your writing reminds me very much of the meeting we attended this Wednesday. We sometimes have to learn to turn to our better selves maybe not so purplexed under the false security that the other offers ... we're still though having problem with our continuos "need" for stuff. We think if only we get this next need ... we'll be ok.

Bedazzzled1 said...

Wow! And I do mean WOW!

V said...

This is wonderful!
Your best!

Adrift At Sea said...


I love the poem and understand where it is coming from. I'd like to invite you to read part of my website as I think you'd find it interesting.