Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter Celebrations


you see any resemblance? That's me at the same age as TK. I had a great day spoiling my grandson and I was able to figure out how I could feed him.

I spent the next two days of my four day weekend with a migraine. I'm really glad Dave was out of town, so I did not ruin his Easter.

My oldest came up at the end of the weekend and we had good time. I even got an Easter gift from her (fancy Hydrangea plant). I think that was a first! She is preparing for a trip to Thailand with a group of friends. One of her friends is from there, so I'm not too nervous. I sent her all over Europe with a high school group at 16, I took her to the Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas and she has been on a cruise all over Mexico with friends. I think she will love it!

Dave had fun, but came home exhausted :) I really missed him, but we talked everyday at least once. I sent him his favorite thing, fudge. He got some great shots of his grandsons. I made him a t-shirt with a picture of his daughter and grandsons on it. I decorated it in a Easter theme and Ethan age 4 loved seeing his picture on papa's shirt. Dave is doing jury duty today and is not a happy camper, but he is not commuting :)


V said...

Wow! [course you`re prettier]
I hope you feel better!

Chris said...

Wow! Isn't that amazing how alike you look? That's too cool!

thebluestbutterfly said...

Your picture looks like a doll. Maybe they should make a "Tammy" Franklin Mint doll.

I am glad that you have so many people to love & that love you.

tara dawn said...

I'm so glad you got to spend some valuable time with the precious angel...and there is a certainly a resemblance. Sorry to hear about the migraine...hope you are feeling lots better now. I have just finished finals...and only one more day of class. Hopefully we can talk soon.
Miss you and love you,

Tillerman said...

Definitely see a resemblance

emmapeelDallas said...

Both of you are beautiful, and I certainly see a strong resemblance, especially the mouth and nose! You look like a beautiful little doll in that pic. I'm so glad you've gotten to spend some time with TK. That's so great, isn't it? I'm glad Dave is back with you, and I hope you're feeling better. Migraines are the worst.




Adrift At Sea said...

The baby blues put you ahead of the boy. :D

Bedazzzled1 said...

Good grief, Tammy! The resemblance is uncanny...the eyes, nose, and lips. How wonderful!


Sky said...

What beautiful babies you both are! Your flowers are just lovely. We are finding so much joy in the garden, and by next month it will have changed once again...daily growth, new blooms.

Hope your daughter has a wonderful trip to Thailand. Yummmy food!

Globetrotter said...

Adorable babies-both of you! And the resemblance is unmistakable!

You're so creative Tammy. Making fudge and T-shirts and stuff for the hubby. My husband's lucky if he gets a creative meal on the table from yours truly!

Jury duty? Grrrrrrr! Hate it!

Gail in MN said...

Same mouth, same forehead, same hairline......same beauty.