Thursday, April 13, 2006

First Kiss - TJ's Challenge

My first make out party,
mom thinks there’s cake,
I wear my tight jeans,
eager to see him waiting.
Nerves make me babble,
I practiced on my pillow,
scared I have forgotten.
Will I be good?
Anticipation building,
he moves in,
lips touch,
too wet,
braces rough,

Tj asked us to write of our first kiss(if we wanted) and let us use her photo. Go see hers it's much more romantic. lol


TJ said...

I am so laughing...I love those first kiss stories. NERVES MAKE ME BABBLE= LOL! Thanks I am smiling...oh those precious wonderful first time events I hope to never forget.


Gabreael said...

Happy Easter!


Chris said...

Excellent! Hers may be more romantic but yours sounds more realistic to me:)

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doc-t said...

First Kiss!!!

I'm rather fond of my own fist kiss story.

1978 I was, umm, not even born yet, but it was during hurricane Frederick which came ashore around the tip of the florida panhandle and alabama.

The rest of my family was elsewhere. Mom, dad, and one of my brothers were volunteer firemen, so they were doing the fireman thing. One brother went off...partying. He came home days later. My sisters had already moved out by then...

So i was the only one who had to evacuate. We lived on a peninsula by the beach.

I ended up going to my Highschool as it was an evacuation center. Even though it was my highschool i still hadnt been born yet, but if i had, i'd have been in the 9th grade.

So I meet up with a couple of friends and one of them has a friend. her name was andrea. We all hung out, and talked, and eventually she and I were the only ones still awake. It was pretty dark as the electricity had shut down. The eye of the hurricane hit just 60 miles away.

She and i went outside to talk. Yes i said "talk" although, of course, I was hoping for more.

Winds well over 100 mph, Lighting all over the place, Rain coming down hard, power transformers in the distance exploding in this neat shade of green..

we walked out to a covered walk area that connected two buildings. it had walls on either side that came up to about my belling button.. there were concret pillars that held the concrete roof in place.

she sat on the wall, i stood facing her, standing between her knees... you know what i mean..
we talked.. got closer.. until THAT moment... you all know which moment i mean.. you get quiet and look at each other as if saying "is this the moment?"

and we kissed... for about three days i think... and to be honest.. i think we were both naturals.. it was GREATTTTTTTTTT.... Okay, maybe it wasnt three days... I'm guessing about an hour...

A security guard came out, and shone his flash light directly into our stuck together faces... He stood there for a while... we ignored him... He left.

and that was not only the night of my first kiss.....

I think you know what I mean.

I love that story... and yes, it's a true story...

sometimes life is sooo good.

Bedazzzled1 said...

LOL! Yuck...I recall nicknaming the drooling kissers "Niagara Falls." Gosh, that was not very nice of me, was it?

V said...

Aww, that`s so pretty!