Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Round Robin Photo Challenge- "Holy"

I think of God as most "Holy" but he refused to let me take a picture. I then thought of my daily chats with God and all the prayers he has answered in my life. Prayer is my view of the word "Holy." I staged a prayer, so as not to intrude on any prayers. My hubby was happy to be my "man in prayer." Since we are living proof of answers to prayer, I thought he would be perfect.

This topic was hard, but that's what made it fun. I finally got my new camera and I can't wait for the next challenge! Go visit the other entries, but give them a day to all post :)

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Gannet Girl said...

Beautiful lighting, beautiful image.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

VERY nicely done - and LOL on Somebody not posing for the picture! - Karen

emmapeelDallas said...

That is a beautiful pic, Tammy!



tess said...

Very nice interpertation and a beautiful image!

Carly said...

Very well done! :) I love your enthusiasm for the challenges, I always look foreward to your entries. :)

Always, Carly

Tabor said...

This picture does not look posed at all. It looks as if you are an 'angel' hovering nearby when you took the picture.

julie said...

Great use of light. And B&W was a really inspired choice there.

TJ said...

Hey I think you captured Dave in this photo PERFECT for Holy...the lighting and the candels. Wow! Kiddo...this is really good.
What kind of new camera hummmm do tell? You know I LOVE GISMOS!!!
Super super..
my word verification is JSYYUSS
for a minute I thought it was jesus...scared the hell out me!!

V said...

Beautiful, Tammy.

TJ said...

When I clicked back to my sight I seen a web page play of colors? Was that you? Hummmmmmmm?

The Exodus Diet and Fitness Blog said...

A lovely post and pic.

Just popping in to say a quick hello. I will return to my Body, Mind, & Spirit blog this Fall. For now you can find me here:

and here


Globetrotter said...


The picture is beautifully quiet and peaceful... and yes- very holy.

You staged it quite well girl;perhaps you should go into the real estate "staging" business, lol! I know someone who made a ton of money going around and staging homes for people who were trying to sell.

I loved the theme of this photo challenge. Everyone came up with their own interpretations and they were all so unique!

doc-t said...

I LIKE it tammy!

nice work...

Chris said...

Tammy, you did an excellent job with the composition of the photo. Hubby makes a great model for you.

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