Friday, April 28, 2006

Unfinished Dreams

Sassy at reminded us all to remember our dreams from a time before we put our families before all else. I had to go way back, but it was worth the trip. Do you remember yours?

I wanted to travel to Austria and twirl on the hills, belting out "Sound of Music."

I wanted a close, loving family.
I wanted to get a degree in Psychology and work with adolescents.
I wanted to work in the Peace Corps for a summer.
I wanted to live in the mountains and ski when ever I wanted, feeling the rush of clean crisp air on my face.

I wanted to be healthy and live to be old.
I wanted a job I loved and paid the bills.
I wanted to adopt a child.

I wanted to see far away places.
I wanted to go where Jesus walked.
I wanted to try acting.
I wanted to keep my perky high school figure.
I wanted a ranch with lots of animals.

The rest came true!

Have a great weekend!


Chris said...

That was a lofty list. I wanted to be a writer and an electrical engineer.

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TJ said...

Ha! You go cool is this!!

Tabor said...

Interestingly most of my dreams have come true and the ones that didn't I don't really want now. It all seems to work out in a balanced sort of way.

Sassy said...

Tammy~Glad you did this; I'm surprised more people didn't join in on this topic! Dreams are one of my favorite subjects...Re. "Holy" photo--unusual creative composition; needs to be published--sassy says! Blessigs, Deb ;-) PS. Beautiful music ;-)

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