Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Welcome Home

We spent some time at the new house for a few days. We discovered a sunset view, old flower pots hiding in the weeds, dead pine needles and green pollen everywhere. We went there to build a wood picket fence for the dogs and ended up doing clean up work, before we could start.

I always say we, but I really mean Dave. He does everything and when allowed, I supervise from where I'm sitting. This trip I decided I was going to help. I felt compelled to take on the heavy hose monster. I straddled it, grabbed the nozzle with both hands, hit the trigger and sprayed. So what if I hit the dog, my foot and my head. That was one clean deck, front and back. I was a pot spotter from the decks and Dave retrieved them. My brain forgets my limitations and failed to stop me from over doing it. I was enjoying being a help and not a pain. I even went around with a little broom getting spider webs. One web was very stubborn so I just grabbed it with my hand. I soon discovered a black spider dangling on the web stuck to my hand. Dave "is this a black widow?" Dave got it before my shriek brought over new neighbors to see the crazed lady with the walker. I noticed later that night I had a blue trigger finger, or rather a bruised finger. Today is my first good day, after my recovery from stupidity. I hurt my muscles, causing weakness and the inability to blog (lift my arms). Today I spent trying to catch up, so if my typing is off cut me a little slack. Being a helper to Dave was worth every minute of weakness.

I brought my new poetry handbook with me and stood on my back deck letting the beauty sink in. The smells, sounds and plants created a poem in my head. I hope to have it ready to share on Thursday. The fence looked great, but Nikki was afraid to go down the stairs. 140' of fence and she learned how to pee on the deck. Oh brother! I was feeling good about the move and all our new plans. The sunset from our deck, gave us a beautiful welcome home.


Chris said...

You don't need to ask for anyone to "cut you some slack" because I think those of us that know you would completely understand even with out you having to tell us. I do, anyway! You go girl!

Belle said...

You are so brave.

Nice blog also.

paris parfait said...

You're amazing! Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend, even if you did overdo it a bit. :) As for the spider - AAAAGGGGHHHH! I'm terrified of them. Once in Jordan there was one literally the size of my hand on the bathroom wall. I shrieked, slammed the door and phoned the landlord. Turns out it wasn't poisonous, just scary-looking. And if it wasn't spiders in the bathroom, it was scorpions on the roof-deck. Sigh. Lovely post! So glad you're enjoying working on your new home - but glad you're back blogging!

Anonymous said...

You forgot the snake skin you found in the wood box and the unexpected snow and hail.You were a big help and I loved having you outside with me helping me and showing me what needed to be done.You know I would have left the pots there for years to come.Wish I were there and we could sit outside on the deck watching the sun set...Love Dave

Adrift At Sea said...

It always amazes me at what we are capable of doing for the people we love. :D Take care of yourself too.


Tabor said...

Well, now you are out on another adventure. No pain, no gain, you will learn to pace yourself. Enjoy the sunsets.

emmapeelDallas said...

What a beautiful entry. I wish I were there with you! And the view of the sunset through the trees is breathtaking.



V said...

Aw, Warrior. Please take it easy.

V said...

Great comment from Dave!