Thursday, June 01, 2006

Poetry Thursday - My Back Deck

I just bought a retirement home in the mountains. Over the holiday we were there and I read Mary Oliver's poetry handbook and Ted Kooser's The Poetry Home Repair Manual. I stood on my back deck trying to write what I felt using imagery. I practiced metaphors, similes and made my title part of the poem. After fixing it way too many times, I recited it to my dog Manny and he loved it. This is not great, it's just growing :) Both books said reading poetry is a good teacher. I can't wait to read all I can.

My Back Deck

Lifts my body up into the pines
leaving material things behind.
The trees surround me, gently
parting to share the secret horizon.

The crisp breeze that blows the
pollen from the corners of the day.
Bring scents of campfires and pine
reminiscent of the happiest of times.

The clouds cast moving shadows
floating, slowly, wandering,
seeking to quench earths thirst.
The magic wand of mother nature.

The roar of the wind, soaring
through the trees, sound like the
ebb and flow of the ocean’s waves.
The music of the wind crescendoes.

The grape leaves wrap themselves
like a shawl, across the fence tops,
waiting for the sun to push through.
The waiting is over, I have come home


Orion said...

Nicely done, Tammy!!! Amazing what a difference reading it aloud does :-)

You've painted a very sensual picture herein...almost see myself breathing in the pine with you...

Happy Thursday!

samantha said...

Congratulations on writing a poem! I love the thoughts of all the momories the trees hold - and I really like the last line - very powerful.

DEREK said...

Beautiful poem, and beautiful view!

jim said...

Really beautiful detail, very simple, and the closing image of the grape leaves is remarkable. Trust Manny--he knows his poetry.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

That is a home full of heart, I hear it calling your name! I see you dancing amongst those pines!

Neasa said...

Very nice - sounds like a good place to be.

Deb R said...

The imagery is lovely! I can almost feel the breeze and smell the woodsy scents. And I love that you read it to your dog. :-)

AscenderRisesAbove said...

Agreed; lovely.

(How many times have you heard that you look just like Princess Di?)

paris parfait said...

Beautiful, Tammy! Well done. Makes me want to get the next plane to Lake Tahoe! :)

Haider Droubi said...

wow...y made mother nature even looks better and more beautiful

nice blog

abhay k said...

Nature, Mary Oliver and poetry...thats always cool..
thanks for sharing..beautiful pic...

Jennifer said...

very very good!

Living Part Deux said...

Oh they are beautiful - the picture and the poem. I read it aloud to myself and I felt the soothing and healing you must feel there. Thank you.

emmapeelDallas said...


You write beautiful poetry! I love this, and thank you for sharing.



Jod{i} said...

This is beautiful!! I can find comfort in these words!!!

So you wanna play? LOL...Okay your letter is....



Tabor said...

Yep, I am there. I especially liked the imagery of freedom and floating that sets the mind free and new.

V said...

Aw, Warrior...This is a beauty! {So`s the view!}
I`m just back visiting. I`ve been sick. All OK now!

Bedazzzled1 said...

Perfect. I love that you have these thoughts and express them so wonderfully, Tammy. They reflect so much about who you are and what you are made of.


Chris said...

Great poem, T. I loved it, particiularly because I really enjoy my outdoor kitchen...errr..I mean my back deck.

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pepektheassassin said...

Nice poem. I love the breeze that "blows pollen from the corners of the day." Beautiful backyard! Mine is full of long grass and dog poop. Where's the poem in THAT?