Thursday, May 18, 2006

WWWC Entry & Poetry Thursday


The mind becomes lazy,
not willing to take the lead.

The body can feel heavy,
burdened, weighing you down.

The spirit can get tethered,
too comfortable in its ways.

My mind will take control,
leading with creativity.

Let my burdens wither,
lifting me to new heights.

I will set my spirit free,
running toward each new day.

Never looking back.

by Tammy

There is a story behind this little poem. I have become really comfortable in my life and I have had many burdens weighing me down. My body is getting its butt kicked by this years allergy season and I have had to make a life changing decision. I just could not imagine moving to a new home, fixing it up and leaving my secure little world. I even talked my husband into selling our dream home. It was the easy thing to do and would allow me to stay in "my box."

What happened to my adventurous spirit? My love of decorating? My ease of making new friends? When did I sell out? I have dreamed of living in the mountains near a lake. Why is change suddenly hard, when it used to be so easy.

I have made my decision and we are out of here in 13 months. I feel my spirit running free once again :)


liz elayne said...

the images in this poem are wondrous. so glad you shared it..

and it sounds like you are happy with your decision to move...

doc-t said...


I put a smile there cause you're poem but more importantly your explanation, the motivation behind it, made me smile...

Face it! head on! It's okay to be afraid.... but you don't have to let it control you or make your decisions for you...

and clearly you are NOT giving in to the fear and letting it control you.... YOU are LIVING!!!! Sure it might be scarry but keep your eyes open allll the way cause on this ride, you dont want to miss a minute of it!

you go girl!

Anonymous said...

Hey babe,
Your not the only one who is afraid so feel alone.Change is scary for everyone including me.I am secure in my little life as well and hate the unknown.Guess we have to look at it as a adventure.Once we set our mind to it I know we can do it and it will be another dream house with cooler summer temeratures and a little more snowy nights to watch snow flakes come down.Love you babe..Dave

paris parfait said...

Tammy, this is a wonderful poem! And thank you for sharing the story behind it. Change is always difficult, but usually worthwhile. Bonne chance et bonne courage!

Jennifer said...

Great poem, great reminder, great motivator!

emmapeelDallas said...

Your adventurous spirit will never leave you, I'm sure of that. But having said's been my experience that there are always peaks and valleys, and sometimes we're stuck in a valley for awhile (as I am right now!)...and then it's good to gather inspiration from our friends (as I do from you, always).



Chris said...

If I have to move again, I hope a meteorite crashes onto my head first.

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Deb R said...

I like your poem very much, but even more so after reading the story behind it!

TJ said...

Awesome, jusr awesome...thar is one to share with your daughter Tammy!
The change in plans...yup sounds good to me!
Maybe a spa...outside and a big quest room.
love TJ

_Soulless_ said...

This poem so inspires, and carries the makings of self-fulfillment, of calm release. Like a mantra. ^_^ Thank you for sharing this.

V said...

Hi Warrior! I`m just gettin` around again. The ED story got to me a bit!

I love how your poetry is evolving.

And, remember the name of my blog...."To Grow Is To Be Anxious"


Bedazzzled1 said...

Tammy, I never see you losing your adventurous spirit. While it might be limited physically at times, that grand mind of yours will always take you on wonderful journies.

(Love the poem! Love the James Blunt song...he's my addiction right now!)

Oh...and I love you!
Nikki Ü