Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Swim, A Gift, A Poet and A Power Washer

Gramy Tammy found a way to hold TK
"Path of the Spirit Warrior" by Jessie

I've been going to the pool for my muscles and now I'm ready to move up from "pool PT" to regular water aerobics. In two weeks, I can add weights to the two days I don't swim. Woohoo!
California had a very long winter and that caused an extra nasty allergy season. I'm not getting much oxygen with my asthma and medications are not helping. The AlS has already weakened the lung muscles. I've been extra weak, but found the pool helps. Must be extra oxygen in the water, who cares, it gets my butt to the pool. I'm taking deep breaths in the pool.
I found a new workout buddy after class and he is too cute. TK! I can't hold him out of the water, but in the water I can feel his little body close to mine. His head rested on my shoulder and I felt pure joy. He is starting to wiggle, so I must build my strength. I added new pics of him in Flickr.

This painting was painted just for me. It's so beautiful and touched me to the core. I was part of a "creativity exchange" hosted by Tara Dawn. Jessie is a really neat gal I'm getting to know through the exchange. I took her favorite things and used a photo program to create a coffee mug for her work space. She loved it!

I'm still in love with expressing my heart with poetry. I joined "Poetry Thursday" and realized how green I am. I'm now reading poetry and bought a book on writing poetry. So far I relate to Nye, Sexton and Wordsworth. I hope I got the names right. LOL Let me know who rocks your boat? Thank you to those who believe in me and keep encouraging me. It's scary, but as V says "To Grow is to be Anxious."

Dave started his eleven day vacation. Happy Dance! He is painting our current house on the outside and we will spend the rest of our time in the new house by the lake. Want to make your man a happy one, buy him a power washer. Arrr...Arrr....Arrr The dogs and I locked him outside before he power washed us! Nothing is safe today. LOL


paris parfait said...

Lovely post! I'm glad you're enjoying the pool and the adorable grandbaby - except you can't be old enough to be a grandmother! Enjoy your house on the lake. Sounds wonderful!

Chris said...

How cute TK is!! I miss that new baby stage. :( You guys look like you're having a blast. Where is it warm enough for pool time?? All we're getting down here in SoCal is an early "June Gloom" where it's overcast until about 4, then clouds back up about 6. And tomorrow, we're supposed to be getting a big late season storm. You too?

Jessie said...

I'm glad you like it. I feel loved every time I use my mug. :) And TK...he looks like he might just be your soul mate. :)

lots of love to you Tammy.

Orion said...

What a gorgeous pictures :-) I'm thrilled that you've found way to bond with TK...isn't water just wonderful?

And kudos on joining Poetry Thursday! You've got a way with words, Tammy - nice to see you excercising your talents :-)

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

I have a dear dear friend who lives in Willows California who has ALS, she has fought it for nine years!
I must send her your blog!

Bedazzzled1 said...

LOL! One year I DID buy my hubby a power washer, but I found I am the one who gets the biggest kick out of using it!

The picture of you and TK is priceless, and I am thrilled you can hold his little body next to you. You both look so happy in the photograph.

I am sorry the allergy season has hit you so hard. ::big hug:: I think allergies are kicking a lot of people's butts right now.

Your poetry is extremely good, Tammy. As for you feeling "green" in comparison to others, just remember that not everyone likes the same type of poetry. I, personally, am not very fond of oblique poetry that is more of a showcase for someone's vocabulary than it is at conveying a feeling or message. ::shrug:: I find your poetry to be very powerful.

The painting is gorgeous. Love the vivid colors used and the title of it!

::hugs and more hugs::
Nikki Ü