Friday, June 30, 2006

I'm Escaping from the Chaos :)

Here we go again! Daughter number one has decided to join daughter number 2 in the joys of marital bliss. This is where having daughters gets interesting. She wants to get married in our backyard at sunrise. I don't think Michelle and her man have ever seen a sunrise! They are night owls, I can just see myself nudging Shell awake to say " I do." Dave is planning the yard beautification, I get the preacher and dress shopping. Not too awful, except I have to let "my ex from hell" in my house...Yuk! I promised to be nice...bwahaaa! I got two months notice, what's up with that? Retirement wisk us away!!!!!!!!!!!!
My little man turned 6 months yesterday. He usually comes over on Thursdays and hangs out from about 2pm-11pm. Dave calls it TK Thursday :) He's almost crawling and rolls everywhere like those hampster balls. I give him his bottles and hold him for his sweet potatoes. I seem to wear more than he eats because I'm not strong enough to hold his hands down. He laughs out loud now, it makes my eyes water, and we all end up laughing. All four of us laid on the bed to watch "So you Think You Can Dance", including TK. Yep, he is sadly already hooked on TV. His mom has a cable channel at her house geared for 6 months to 3 year old kids. Can you believe that one? He's been to see "Over The Hedge" at the movies and watched the whole movie. I'm sorry, but that's a bit odd at 5 months old. I did not say one word, okay maybe just a few little ones.
My dad came out to meet his first great grandson. We all went out to dinner and then Dave and the kids bowled a few games. Tk was happy and mellow, slept in a horribly loud bowling alley and never cried. My dad was impressed and thrilled with little TK. How cool to watch your dad hold and kiss your grandson? My dad is not even 70 yet.
We are going to be painting at the new house until the 4th, so have a safe holiday everyone :)


Deb R said...

Hhhmmm...maybe your daughter and her fiance plan to just stay up all night and greet the sunrise for their ceremony? :-) I bet it'll be lovely. The photos are wonderful.

tinker said...

Oh, good luck! It's been 10 years since I did the mother- of-the-bride thing - but I still remember all the planning anxiety.
I think your grandson's adorable! And how wonderful your Dad got to come see him.
Good luck with painting, planning and all. Have a happy and blessed 4th!

susanlavonne said...

How adorable..what a winning smile and those slippers are just too cute!

paris parfait said...

Tammy, good luck with the marriage preparations - it sounds like a midnight ceremony might be more fitting for the night owls, but I'm sure you can handle whatever they decide - including the wretched ex. I love your sense of humour and those photos - gorgeous!

Jessie said...

The photo of you and your daughters is beautiful...and of course so is TK, as always!

Congratulations to your daughter. A wedding at sunrise in your back yard sounds really incredible--and very romantic depite having to get up so early (or staying up so late??).

Have fun painting. I wish I was there to help! :)


Bon & Mal Mott said...

A midnight wedding sounds like an excellent idea - the memories of such a unique event are certain to last for years. And you can stick the ex somewhere in the dark where he can't be seen.
TK and bowling alleys? Our minds boggle! LOL
Good luck with the painting.

emmapeelDallas said...

What a beautiful pic of you and your girls! Congratulations on the impending wedding, and I always love reading your accounts of TK. He is so lucky to have you for his grandma.



rachel said...

Tammy, I love visiting your blog, hope painting goes well, and the wedding plans too.

bb said...

I always enjoy a giggle chez vous Tammy - what sense of humour :-)

Tabor said...

Well you certainly have a rich and full live in the immediate future. Count the blessings that come with all the headaches in what lies ahead and you will find peace. (Let the husband brom hell see how totally happy you are.) You really are very lucky. Babies and brides and you.

pepektheassassin said...

You are such an incredibly beautiful lady! I loved seeing your girls, and TK is growing so big. TK Thursday. That sounds as fun as Poetry Thursday! Have a great Fourth, stay cool, and enjoy.

Chris said...

Wow...what a gorgeous bunch of gals! You look spectacular. And TK is getting cuter and are truly blessed.

Madeleine said...

Another wedding! yippeee. Any excuse for lots of dancing a few tears and yummy food with all your friends. How exciting. Good luck with all the plans.

Don't works too hard on the new house.
Happy hols. x

Chris said...

I dunno, you could always get lucky. Maybe you could buy your ex a cruise throught the Malaca Strait?

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Globetrotter said...


I don't know which picture I like better, you or the baby. You are such a gorgeous woman and that lil' blue boy... Sigh. I have a wedding coming up soon, too. I don't like to think about it much though, because...well never mind.

It's wonderful that your dad has had the opportunity to see his great grand kids. May he see many more. Hope the painting went well- not exactly a fun job.

Turquoise CRO said...

Good Luck with the wedding plans! TK is sooooooo CUTE!!! he is a sweet lil bluebird in that pic! lol My Jessica and Jaymz are out now, I don't know who I like now, Demitri is sure to win isn't he??!! I like Heidi's spunk but Allison really had a sweet solo last night! That's really FUNny TK watched "Over The Hedge" at the movies! I thought it was amazzzzing my neice took her 3 and 2 year olds! xo

Bedazzzled1 said...

Methinks the joy that resides within you tumbles out and touches everyone, leaving them forever changed for the better.

::hugs upon hugs::

TJ said...

You have been so busy! The girls all grown and committing to life...that is such a thing to study. I loved all your photos and the repost of Goddess.
I have had some reality hits, turning the other cheek sucks. i love the thoughts of hitting back- to bad we always can't do that.
The EX in the house....laughing!!!
Still laughing.
Love You! Love TK and how much he has already grown. Hey 5 months is a perfect time to start grooming him for public activities...see how good he is already!
Enjoy ...
Love TJ

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